I am no financial planner!

May 26, 2011

I am in fierce debate and dispute over a missing 798 dollar charge to our Verizon bill (some dollar amounts were changed to protect the real identity of the payment amounts). L payed the bill and I payed it too. So we double payed. We overpayed!  So I have been checking our bills and bank account in regards to this charge ever since our wedding in April!  Verison refuses to acknowlege my 798 dollar payment, but they have hers!

I have contacted Verizon multiple times about this disappearing charge and I have sent in proofs of payment and the works! This is a lot of money that is missing from bank account! I need to have this money!!  This is absurd!

That is an ongoing piece of stressful drama in my life as the family accountant!  Then to throw another loop in the jump rope of life, I get a check…yes folks, a check from Arlington County! It simply says that its an Arlington County refund….for 1421 dollars.

Refund???? For what???  I only pay the government one time per year and that’s only the state and the federal.  I never pay the county!

So before cashing this extraordinary check, I decide to do some research to make sure its not a scam…or more importantly to make sure they don’t ask for this money back! Because, I’ll be in jail before I re-refund this 1421 dollars!

So as I’m doing my research, I sign up for this Arlington County payment thing and discover something. Something unbelievable….something so extremely odd that it had to be embarrassingly wrong.  But it wasn’t. It was embarrassing…but definitely not wrong.

I have been paying all of my Verizon Fios payments to the County of Arlington Cable department….

NOT Verizon…

…since November!

So the good people at the Arlington County Treasurers office have been sending me random refunds in the mail, while L and I have been double paying the Verizon bill.

Then the infamous couch peanut gallery (my wife) yesterday of course has the comedic nerve to say, “Do you want me to handle the bills hun?

Don’t call me hun you cheap shot artist!

The good news is we got our 1421 bucks back! Now if I could only find my dignity…


I’ve got jobs!

February 16, 2011

Yes!  The duty train has finally stopped at my destination! L has given me a few nonscrewuppable  (look it up) tasks for me to complete for the wedding.

I must say, they are pretty big deals too! I got a few things for the guests, a few things for us, and of course the music.

I am very happy to take on these things only because I know it’ll relieve some of her stress and I am ALL about that! (Its in my contract to say that). 

She has been pretty stressed lately but I’m proud of all of the many hats she has been wearing lately, which is far more than anyone realizes!! It actually inspires me to take on more responsibility and help out my star teammate.

I did dishes yesterday! Er…more like ‘dish’. I finished laundry and folded it! Yes I did! All by byself! I even got the mail! Well…I do that everyday but….yeah. its hard for me to help out because my work day is nearly 12 hrs with travel time, but I try!

Either way I am well on my way to becoming the supporting role player/husband. Let’s be real, husbands may get the glory, but the wives do all the work. I just hope I can get a few assists here and there throughout my playing career! Maybe even get a few double-doubles!

Just a little valentines day reminder…

February 14, 2011

If I ever forget. This is why I love you.

When I wake up, no matter what’s bothering me or what’s on my mind, when I kiss you goodbye in the morning my mind is completely freed.

When I lay down at night and think about all I wish I had, and I know I want and all that is missing, I feel you lock fingers with me and I know that I have all that I will ever need.

My smile doesn’t exist unless it has your eyes to see it. My arms wrapping around your neck protect like no lockette or charm ever could.

My heart doesn’t beat unless your touch sets it in rhythm. My stomach boils with pride at the simple way you pick your lips and nervously look into my eyes.

This isn’t a phase or a fad or a spur of the moment love.  This is everything I am and everything I want to be.

Valentine’s Day in 2009 set in motion the reel of my own lifelong happiness. My hollywood perfect picture delivered with no retreat.

Everyday with you is a day full of sunshine. A ray of delivered delight for all to jealously admire.

Perfect from tip to top and remniscent of the last raindrop. You’ve brought joy to my life like I’ve never dreamed possible.

I want for nothing because in you, baby I’ve got everything!

Our crashing lives have created something so beautiful and rare in nature. Just think, this is simple the beginning.  Our rose has its bud but the best it yet to come.

I love you so much boo.

Now let’s make sushi!!!

She is funny! …today

January 25, 2011

L made a funny today! We were debating doing the peapod Giant delivery service. Figure out who was on which side…

L: Its free the first 60 days!
G: Do we really need it though? Ill just go get the groceries.
L: Are you going to get everything on the list this time?

….ouch. I just got open hand slapped in front of all my friends. She wins.

Marriage is an experiment, we are the scientists

November 18, 2010

Me and my brother were talking  the other day and he simply said, “Love and marriage is a never ending experiment and we are the scientists“.

That may not mean too much to you guys, but to mean that sums it up perfectly!  I mean, we really don’t know what will come of anything we do in any relationship.  That’s part of the excitement though.  Scientists don’t become scientists unless they love the excitement of unveiling the unexpected.  I mean, there are some things that have already been tested by other fools scientists, like cheating and infidelity.  I know what will happen.  I will lose half  of everything I ever earned, and everything I ever wanted (L).  I dare not test that theory.

I don’t know however, what would happen if I came home with a puppy for instance.  Would L think “OMG, he loves me enough to buy me a puppy and the puppy will become part of our family and we will love him forever and ever.”  That is very possible, but not very probable…YET!  She grew up with puppys so I don’t know. She very well could…….I’m suddenly realizing how terribly awful this example is.

The real point is this.  We will face adversity in nearly every part of our lives.  We aren’t going to know the answers.  We aren’t going to know reasons why.  But we know, we are committed to this thing called love and this lifelong experiment of marriage.  We are going to find ways to make it work, because that’s our goal and our passion.

With me and L’s situation, we both love to shop!  Well…she loves to shop as is evident by her looking at online shopping websites….EVERY DAY(just kiddin’ babe, I know you rest on Sundays).  But, we don’t really make a lot of money.  I mean we make enough to live in swanky super cool Ballston, but not enough to live in Ballston AND online shop daily.  I know what we have to do, I know that more money needs to be made because we have plans, and dreams, and things that we want to do!  Personally, I want 42 kids.  I don’t know how much 42 kids will cost us, but I know I was probably pretty dang expensive (right mom?).

So, I need to get things brewing in my mental lab and figure out how exactly I’m going to make money so L and I can buy a home in The Hamptons with 44 rooms (one for us, and another one for my man cave)!  Let me know if you guys have any ideas.

How to know she is the one

November 2, 2010

WordPress has this tool where you can check out the stats for the site and you can check out how people actually end up getting to your site.  Well apparently a lot of people want to know a very important question.

How to know she’s the one

I have exhausted this topic about how I found out she was the one i’m sure.  But in case you can’t remember,  here’s my post about it.

The day I knew she was the one

Well it’s kind of refreshing to know that people out there are feeling like little bees in a sugar bag.  They are all filled with glee and have no clue of the mess they are in for.  They obviously are experimenting with the fact that they might be…done.  Well,  I am here to tell all you guys out there that you have been done.  You’ve been done since you decided to open your computer and Google if you have found the one.

Don’t worry….I did the same thing a year ago.


She’s exactly what I need

November 1, 2010

I don’t know what’s best for me.  Lets be honest, most guys don’t know what’s best for us. That’s why the phrase “mother knows best” was born. I think that can also go for future mothers, or not mothers yet…or just women in general.

Now lets not get out of control with things.  Women sometimes overanalyze to the point where they are stuck in indecision or trying to do everything to please everyone (L!).  But when it comes to women and the people they love, suddenly they have this unbelivable clarity.

For example, my sister lil G makes all of her decisions with her son (and my brother/her hubby) in mind. To her, its really that simple.  With L, I realized that she feels the same with me.  Not to say she thinks of me as her son, but I am a big part of her life right now and it shows. But I also realize it goes both ways!

Sometimes I feel like I am just doing what I am supposed to do and not necessarily what I am thinking is best to be doing.  Then I realize, that’s love taking over. Love drives me to do things I used to not even consider. Now, they are a part of my life and my path to happiness.

One (really stupid) example – my (beloved) car. I don’t think anyone realizes how big this is for me. I got my first car when I was 15…before I even had my driver’s license I think.  I washed it 3 times before I could even drive it. I drove it everywhere, I was the taxi for my friends before and after school.  I didn’t even want to go to college once I found out I couldn’t have my car on campus (serious).  I moved to an apartment after college that was on the metro and so was my job.  I still drove to work everyday (except when my car had a championship MMA fight with a fire hydrant. My car lost tremendously). Then I met L who totaled her car in an accident a year after we met.

I remember thinking I was going to lose her that day when I got that phone call.  I have never been so scared.  When we moved into together, she needed a car.  I gave up my beloved car for her without a quesion. I made sure she was taken care of and could get to work everyday. My workdays got extended from about 5:15am to about 6pm by taking the train versus driving but I never cared.  She is worth it.

Yesterday (actually last week now, sorry I take so long to post these things),  police arrested a guy in relation to a plot to blow up four metro stops. Most of them in the city where we live and one which I pass through everyday going to and from work. To be honest, I briefly thought about my safety. But then I started thinking about my life insurance. Then I thought that I would be fine.  My mind suddenly shifted to the girl running on the treadmill behind me. My future is in her hands…therefore, I will be ok 🙂

Until a few nights ago, I thought that it was a conscious decision that I made to give up the car and take the metro.  Now I realize it wasn’t at all.

Love made that decision. Love makes a lot of decisions for us. If we try to fight them, we end up fighting love. If we question them we question love. Sometimes I forget that not everything makes complete sense.  Some things just happen because they were meant to happen.

Sometimes, love just happens.