Bucket list

October 13, 2010

This movie came out a few years ago about two older guys nearing the end of their lives and them completing something called a bcket list. They decided to do a bunch of crazy things before they died.

Well I’m young (I still feel young at least) and I want a bucket list.  Is it too late to create a bucket list? I think not so check mine out. I think everyone should have something like it at least. Now, first off…you can’t put something on your list that you won’t ever do, just to look cool.  Like, I don’t want to run a triathlon because I’m frankly not that good of a runner or swimmer and I know id never work hard enough to actually prepare for it. And I am definitely not going jump off of, out of, or into anything!  I get nervous just thinking about falling off the bed!

With that, here’s my start of a bucket list:
– Own a luxury car (BMW, Lexus, Mercedes)
– Adopt a puppy
– Coach a championship game of some sort
– Dunk a basketball again (Maybe just a real nice layup)
– Get front row seats to a sporting event
– Have something that I write be published somewhere
– Learn to ride a motorcycle
– snowboard in Colorado

Actually as I’m writing this list, I realize I’m really not that ambitious at all. I’m actually pretty low key and…normal.  I just want to have a good job, marry a good woman, have good laughs, eat good food, and raise good kids.  Yeah….that would equal a great life.