She’s exactly what I need

November 1, 2010

I don’t know what’s best for me.  Lets be honest, most guys don’t know what’s best for us. That’s why the phrase “mother knows best” was born. I think that can also go for future mothers, or not mothers yet…or just women in general.

Now lets not get out of control with things.  Women sometimes overanalyze to the point where they are stuck in indecision or trying to do everything to please everyone (L!).  But when it comes to women and the people they love, suddenly they have this unbelivable clarity.

For example, my sister lil G makes all of her decisions with her son (and my brother/her hubby) in mind. To her, its really that simple.  With L, I realized that she feels the same with me.  Not to say she thinks of me as her son, but I am a big part of her life right now and it shows. But I also realize it goes both ways!

Sometimes I feel like I am just doing what I am supposed to do and not necessarily what I am thinking is best to be doing.  Then I realize, that’s love taking over. Love drives me to do things I used to not even consider. Now, they are a part of my life and my path to happiness.

One (really stupid) example – my (beloved) car. I don’t think anyone realizes how big this is for me. I got my first car when I was 15…before I even had my driver’s license I think.  I washed it 3 times before I could even drive it. I drove it everywhere, I was the taxi for my friends before and after school.  I didn’t even want to go to college once I found out I couldn’t have my car on campus (serious).  I moved to an apartment after college that was on the metro and so was my job.  I still drove to work everyday (except when my car had a championship MMA fight with a fire hydrant. My car lost tremendously). Then I met L who totaled her car in an accident a year after we met.

I remember thinking I was going to lose her that day when I got that phone call.  I have never been so scared.  When we moved into together, she needed a car.  I gave up my beloved car for her without a quesion. I made sure she was taken care of and could get to work everyday. My workdays got extended from about 5:15am to about 6pm by taking the train versus driving but I never cared.  She is worth it.

Yesterday (actually last week now, sorry I take so long to post these things),  police arrested a guy in relation to a plot to blow up four metro stops. Most of them in the city where we live and one which I pass through everyday going to and from work. To be honest, I briefly thought about my safety. But then I started thinking about my life insurance. Then I thought that I would be fine.  My mind suddenly shifted to the girl running on the treadmill behind me. My future is in her hands…therefore, I will be ok 🙂

Until a few nights ago, I thought that it was a conscious decision that I made to give up the car and take the metro.  Now I realize it wasn’t at all.

Love made that decision. Love makes a lot of decisions for us. If we try to fight them, we end up fighting love. If we question them we question love. Sometimes I forget that not everything makes complete sense.  Some things just happen because they were meant to happen.

Sometimes, love just happens.


Hikin’ Part Deaux

September 10, 2010

What do you wanna do today
I don’t care“, as I look at the clock.  11am.  That give me at least 5 hours before the football game at 4pm.
Wanna go to Great Falls and go hiking
I thought no way, then I paused….remembered out last hiking trip (no pun intended), and said,
Yeah, sure!

First off, we all remember the first hiking adventure right?  It was fantastically amusing.  So we pack the car and head down Old Georgetown Rd. in Va. We turn onto some other road and hit traffic.  Fun.  Apparently, Labor day hiking and picnicking at Great Falls is one of the busiest days of the year.

After 20 minutes of sitting on a two lane road to get in, the gate park ranger guy screams out “GO TERPS!” Oh yeah!!  We park and take a peak at the map.  We decided to go down Potowmack trail or something and then hop on River Trail so we can be closer to the river.

We come to the first sign and L looks at me and says, “which way?“….two minutes ago we had just decided on Potowmack Trail.    I just point to the sign and say “this way“.   We decide to detour and check out the overlook before we really get on the trail.  On the way down, there’s a sign that says “7 people die of drownings every year“.  Good to know.

We look over the edge and there is a guy in the water pulling his wife (or very serious girlfriend I hope) in waist high rapids UP the river while she sits in the kayak.  Another two guys are down on the rocks walking around in their backpacks.  I turn to L and say, “Well we found our 7 drownings for the year!  My one goal in life is to not be a death statistic.”  My goal in life is to NOT become a death statistic.  Especially not in a public place.

We turn and go back to the trail that we just turned off of and L goes, “Which way?”  … again….Potowmack Trail…I point at the sign … again and go “this way“.  Right about now I’m thinking to myself is she just joking with me?

We start walking down a trail and finally come across some big rocks on the trail!  This is what hiking is all about!  Not to L, she finds every flat piece of dirt in between the rocks to walk on.  I suddenly realize that, I am hiking…she is walking.

“Granted she does have a broken foot but she is doing well for her so far.  We hit a rough patch where we actually had to climb rocks and here I was all go!  “Wait, can we take a break?A BREAK!!! We are in the middle of the best part of the walk hike!

Long story, short!  We hiked 3.5 miles on a beautiful day and at the end we both agreed that we had a blast!  We will definitely be going again…maybe this weekend (HINT)!  If only I could get her up before 9am on the weekends we could make a morning out of it!

Sidenote:  We both were waiting for someone to trip.  It never happened…we both stayed on our feet the whole time!  at one point, we came across some high grass and she started walking briskly, but there was no way she was going to run again! 🙂

I’m dating the starting quarterback!!

September 10, 2010

OK.  I have written about a lot of irrelevant, selfish topics that have yet to arrive at my apartment (Trivia: how wide is a dream? 50 inches) . Therefore, I decided to write about something related to relationships.

I have been in quite a few in the past (my roommates referred to them collectively as G’s Girls). Most were bad but some of them were great (at the time). Only one is going to end up in marriage.  Why is that?  Well, I will give you some reasons why a few of them failed.  Luckily, none of them will be reading this. This might be TMI, but we are all friends here right?!

– Ex GF-A once argued with me for 15 minutes about whether a certain Maryland Basketball player was starting that day or not.  15 minutes later (when the game began) he was starting. I won. Instead of admitting defeat, she muted MY TV and watched Blue Crush at full volume. I hate that movie to this day.

– Ex GF-B told me she kissed my best friend.  I forgave them both.
– Ex GF-B hung up on me. I threw my phone against the wall and scared my roommates half to death.  I walked to her dorm and she kicked me out. I cried (I was 19).
– Ex GF-A did drugs…a lot…(I did not partake)
– Ex GF-C yelled at me when she asked me to work out with her at the gym.
– Ex GF-D was reading my email one day. I asked what she was doing and she replied “reading your email” …………….this really happened.
– Ex GF-C hacked into my myspace account. Then denied it.
– Ex GF-C called me at work to yell at me about the previous point.  Again she thought she did nothing wrong by hacking into my account
– Ex GF-E called me to tell me her ex bf was downstairs at her house and they just kissed. We hung up and she called later to tell me that after we hung up, they did “other things”……again this really happened.
– Ex UnofficalGF – met her husband on a family vacation a week after we left school.  They have three beautiful kids (a happy story!)
– Ex GF-C had a dog. It peed on my TV a hundred times. Maybe more. She thought it was funny.
-Ex GF-E had a younger sister that was more awesome and cuter than her.  Not her fault,but….I dunno, a worthy point.
– Ex GF-E was ashamed to have me as her BF I’m pretty sure. This makes the previous point even more worthy of mentioning
– Ex GF-D made me dinner once from some recipe she saw on tv I think…it was borderline inedible. Banana pudding she made was awesome though.
– Ex GF-D hated when I hung out with my friends.  She tried to stop me from hanging out with my friends.  This made me want to hang out with them even more.

I think that’s enough to talk about  my awful past 🙂  The moral of the post is that, I found someone who I know would never do those things and deep down inside, while these things were happening, I knew they were reasons i should not to be with them.  I couldn’t convince myself of this though.  It’s like being the coach of a good team and having a star QB who is a cocky, egomaniac who goes in the huddle and changes the play so that he can show his athletic prowess once again.  What do you do?  not play them and go with the team player backup QB without the athletic prowess?  Face getting fired, getting booed or even worse, turning your team into a great team.  In the end, you realize that even though you won 8 games, you lost 3 because you didn’t want to play the best player for the team. Play the best QB for the team!

– Current GF/Fiancee/Future wife does none of these things my ex’s did.  This is why she is (dunh dunh dunh!) My starting quarterback!

….Nice one….

August 18, 2010

L is one of the nicest people that I know.  She also teaches in the inner city, so she has a well developed tough side as well.

When we first started dating, I saw more of the inner city Ms. L and less of the Lovey L.  Then one day I told her straight out, “This is me.  I’m not one of your students.  Please stop thinking that I’m against you.  I’m on your side.” and then we hugged it out and ever since she has learned to trust that I am on her side and it’s been good great!

Well….yesterday Ms. L, the tough inner city teacher came out and she let me have it.  I had just finished one of two final exams and I planned to finish a game on XBox that I had paused three days ago.  L was reading a book so I assumed (first mistake) I could watch something on the other TV (yes I have two TVs).  I was wrong.

Can I see the remote please?<~ notice the please
*L glares at me and doesn’t move*
You’re not even watching anything, you’re reading
I’m doing both!
Its physically impossible for you to read and watch TV at the same time.”
I’m listening to the TV
You can’t do that, it’s impossible.  That means you’re not really focused on reading then.  I try to do it all the time when I’m studying.
Yeah, that explains why you’re getting B’s and not A’s in your classes.



If Bob Vila and Martha Stewart had a kid…

August 15, 2010

She does it all!  I don’t have to do anything around here.  She cooks and cleans. She hangs pictures and moves furniture (albeit, not very gracefully).

Then I came home the other day and she had put up another clothes rack in the closet!  All by herself.  Granted she messed up the measurements (by a whole foot), and hammered about 10 nails into the wall before she got the picture in the correct spot over the couch.  She still did it all by herself.

Pretty soon, I’m not going to have anything to do around here!  I’m just going to have to sit back and watch her build Rome.  I come home from work and dinner is ready to go!  Beautiful!  I feel so cool and loved.  I could get used to this.

It’s just too bad that summer is almost over and I’m sure this will all change pretty quickly.  I better enjoy it while I can 🙂

So attractive

August 11, 2010

So, I come from a pretty athletic family (I dunno about mom, but if  her punch is as heavy as her bark…she could have been a boxer!) and L is was a college tennis player.  I am the most athletic person to never be an athlete, but for some reason in the past (a long time ago, don’t worry) I dated lots of athletes.  College athletes, pro athletes (female sports), high school athletes.  For some reason that’s what I have always been attracted to.

When I found out L was a college tenniser, I was hooked.  She still beats the sauce out of me when we play.  I think that I am pretty good, but I really don’t know what I am doing out there.  I try to emulate her, and other pro tennis players and, I’m sure they’d be embarrassed by my emulations.

Well, last night we sat for about 40 minutes waiting for a tennis court.  After getting on we played for like 2 hours.  By the end we were both exhausted to say the very least.  We both played well, and we both worked so hard.

Then on the way home, while walking back, I realized that she was so happy.  She had fun.  I had fun.  We both were so tired and I had to get up early, and my knees were killing me, but it didn’t matter to us!  We were amazingly proud of each other!

I didn’t let her beat me, I tried so hard to win (she even secretly thinks I tried to cheat on the last point) but she pushed and beat me (as usual).  The best thing about us playing tennis is not the actual playing.  It’s seeing her “no quit” attitude.  It’s about seeing her fight to the end and getting angry at herself sometimes (even though it’s frustrating for me to watch). It’s about me playing so well that I make her even angrier! 🙂

Tennis is our way of challenging each other and proving to the other person, as well as ourselves, that we can and will overcome those challenges.

It’s all about us pushing each other and her doing all that she can to prove that she is worthy of all that she works for.  I don’t know if she knows it, but everyday she proves to me that she is the winner that I have always wished for.  She’s my little MVP!

Couples Ma-what!?

August 10, 2010

My birthday was MondayThanks!

So we were pre-celebrating over some wine and drinks on Sunday night.  She keeps asking me to give her a massage so I was like “I thought that’s why we decided you should get your Massage Envy subscription

I know but…

Do you still have it?


Cancel it

I can’t

why not?

It’s a year.  Come with me


Couples massage.  Come with me.  We will go tomorrow for your birthday


That’s how it happened.  We went from me wanting to cancel it, to me going with her to get a massage

Fast forward to yesterday when I am sitting there in Massage Envy, about to get my massage.  There aren’t many details that I can display because I was nearly in the buff….I wasn’t expecting that but my masseuse (gotta use the correct terminology) did a good job of covering me up nicely. Even though I won’t go into detail, I will say that it was the most relaxing feeling!!

The hour flew by!  It felt like 10 minutes.  She also stretched my legs which was much needed!  This was an ultimate episode of “don’t knock it, til you rock it” or to translate, don’t dismiss anything until you first experience it.  I was a huge proponent of making fun of, well pretty much, everything L likes to do.  But I used to make fun of her going to the massage therapist dude/chick…but never again my friends!

The whole experience was actually pretty nice, the only thing I didn’t like was L over on the next table talking the whole time with her massageman!  He kept asking her questions or something, and I was trying to relax!  It was like a bunch of high school kids in the corner making out in the theater.  Terrible analagy actually…

Anyways, I will definitely (don’t hold me to it) be getting a massage again sometime.  and for all who wanted to know, my flexibility was described as being “incredible“.  Now is the time to be jealous 🙂