Boys are easier

October 14, 2010

When I was off from work on Monday, I was watching fox news (withold all political comments please) and they had a segment saying that moms are harder on their daughters than thy are on their sons.  This got me thinking about my future.  With L, her and her mom are really close.  My mom only had two boys and I think she is very thankful being that she was the oldest of 4 girls and a brother.

I don’t even know what its like to witness a teenage girl throwing a temper tantrum or getting disciplined at. I know a lot of things, but I don’t know how I would nicely tell my daughter to stop acting like a spoiler little…..brat.  I’m guesing it would involve a lot of “go talk to your mother, you’re just as unreasonable…maybe you guys can reason with each other” or possibly “look at yourself, you’re crying and stomping around like a 7 year old.  No wonder you can’t get a boyfriend.” Too harsh?

See boys are easy, take away something if they get out of control, keep them in the house if they really act up, punch him in the chest if he disrespects his mom or sisters, aim a little higher if he disrespects me. Then take him fishing or to a football game and tell his that you don’t like disciplining him but you love him and don’t want him going through life thinking its ok to be a pain in the rear!

This whole thing with moms being harder on their daughters means I’m going to have to play the good cop…yet still obey the captain (L). 

This puts me in an extraordinarily precarious position. I have to keep my daughter from rebelling and becoming a street walker just to spite her mom, yet still spoil her and show her all the things she deserves and should look for in a future relationship … but first. I have to find a nice way to get her to stop stomping around and crying like a 7 year old when her mom punishes her. I am afraid.