I am no financial planner!

May 26, 2011

I am in fierce debate and dispute over a missing 798 dollar charge to our Verizon bill (some dollar amounts were changed to protect the real identity of the payment amounts). L payed the bill and I payed it too. So we double payed. We overpayed!  So I have been checking our bills and bank account in regards to this charge ever since our wedding in April!  Verison refuses to acknowlege my 798 dollar payment, but they have hers!

I have contacted Verizon multiple times about this disappearing charge and I have sent in proofs of payment and the works! This is a lot of money that is missing from bank account! I need to have this money!!  This is absurd!

That is an ongoing piece of stressful drama in my life as the family accountant!  Then to throw another loop in the jump rope of life, I get a check…yes folks, a check from Arlington County! It simply says that its an Arlington County refund….for 1421 dollars.

Refund???? For what???  I only pay the government one time per year and that’s only the state and the federal.  I never pay the county!

So before cashing this extraordinary check, I decide to do some research to make sure its not a scam…or more importantly to make sure they don’t ask for this money back! Because, I’ll be in jail before I re-refund this 1421 dollars!

So as I’m doing my research, I sign up for this Arlington County payment thing and discover something. Something unbelievable….something so extremely odd that it had to be embarrassingly wrong.  But it wasn’t. It was embarrassing…but definitely not wrong.

I have been paying all of my Verizon Fios payments to the County of Arlington Cable department….

NOT Verizon…

…since November!

So the good people at the Arlington County Treasurers office have been sending me random refunds in the mail, while L and I have been double paying the Verizon bill.

Then the infamous couch peanut gallery (my wife) yesterday of course has the comedic nerve to say, “Do you want me to handle the bills hun?

Don’t call me hun you cheap shot artist!

The good news is we got our 1421 bucks back! Now if I could only find my dignity…


Shopping spree….

December 9, 2010

For L’s birthday I bought her a shopping spree in NYC (the gift was free, but the result of the gift was not!). If you follow the blog  at all, you know she is a huge fan of shopping! Huge!  She is also a huge fan of NYC.  Her grandparents are from the city, and her mom went to school in Harlem….well outside of Harlem (BTW did you all hear about the massive drug bust at Columbia? Crazy! Maybe they should change the school to Colombia…get it? L ill explain it later)  With all of that said, me and L are as suburban as they come! We live in a high rise surrounded by grassy areas for dogs to poop in.  NYC has one huge park. (Well they have others but I saw one and trust me, I’d rather make my dog poop in the middle of Broadway than in that park!)

We started in Jersey where we promptly saw a group of 8 HS girls all wearing jeans tucked into their UGG boots.  I look at L and she is wearing (yup you guessed it) jeans tucked into her ugg boots.  So I ask the concierge how we get to the metro (thats what us DC kids call it), the know said the shuttle would take three of us for 10 bux, otherwise a cab company would take us…for cheaper. I still don’t know why it matters how many people because he gets paid 10 biux regardless but…whatever.  then L asked ” how far awy is it?”

“About a mile”
“On we can just walk” L exclaimed. WHAT??walk? Who?? I mean I got into an argument with a jersey kid once and he just confused my by calling me a bunch of names I’ve never heard before. I don’t want to go through that again. I had a migraine for two weeks after that.

Here is my thinking at this point. New jersey…home of DMX, every boxer not from philly, Brooklyn, or Detroit, the Sopranos, everyone in boardwalk empire (good show), and the worst band ever…Bon Jovi (spend a couple years at Bentleys at UMD and you’ll agree).  1 mile to this guy driving could really be like 2 miles walking, and a death sentence for two tourists with shopping bags and no pistol on me.  I am sure this fool never walked from here to the metro!

Of course, the next morning as we were cabbin’ to the metro, it was definitely 2 (not 1) miles of graffitti filled, memorial laden overpass and used car lot littered road.  And it was snowdrizzling (flurrying?), windy and stupid cold.  I would have been one bitter buddy had I let her convince me into walking!

Then we spent twenty minutes trying to figure out what train goes to NY.  Why have 5 different tracks downstirs and 8 more upstairs? Then have the amtrak, nj light rail and bus system, AND the long island railroad or something all go through the same station?  Confusing!! Also, why not color code the trains? Why is it 5 dollars to go two stops? It takes me 5 dollars to go through DC and into Maryland.

On a positive note though, NYC, you rock for having ticket guys on the train looking like train conductors of the 40s.  I felt like Don Draper for a second! I expected everyone to be smoking lucky strikes and reading the wall street journal.  Instead i got a bunch of people speaking ten different languages and checking out my hot fiancee(I didn’t mind the first part too much, but the second…eyes to yourself mister!)  I thought DC was an international town.  Its got nothin on NYC (My buddy Phil was right btw, toll operators near the city are extra surly).  Also, the first part of the trip lost its excitement when I got off the train and realized we stated in Jersey to be cheap yet onvenient…but we were easily an hour from our hotel room.  Not so convenient at all…just cheap.

Then we stepped out of the station and right underneath Madison Square Garden! I’m in Newwwww Yoooorrrrrrrkkkk (in my best Alicia Keys voice)…

New job, old G

October 28, 2010

A couple weeks ago I applied for and received a job promotion. I have been at my job for about three years and have moved up pretty quickly considering I have a degree in a completely different field. 

I think my attitude is a huge reason why I am in the spot that I am in and why I have been given the opportunities that I have been given.  Managers always look for different things in an individual candidate.  I have never hired anyone so I am really just talking out of my behind, but still.  You should listen to me!

My new position starts on Monday and I am pretty nervous. I think that i have a lot to live up to.  I think that I know what I want to do in my future and this is a great step to get there.  I also know that this position is a great chance for me to fail and for me to fall short.  I don’t want to fall short of course.  I want to shine!

One thing I have realized in my past though is that there will be days when you fall short.  How am I going to handle those days? I don’t know.  To say that I am nervous and slightly overwhelmed is an understatement.  The main reason I am writing this post is really for self motivation! People are all motivated by different things. My motivation is the will to not fail in any task.  Most people want to be great and that is their motivation and if they don’t see themselves in a “great” position, they consider themselves failures.  I think that is a perfect storm for frustration and dissappointment.

I have always been motivated by my fear of not meeting expectations. With this thinking, I end up aiming higher than just meeting expctations, but in the end if I fall short of where I aim, I still end up in a good position. I just never want to fail.

Basically…I made it sound like i aim to be mediocre which isn’t the case at all.  But I am babbling so my original thoughts and messages are floating off like a toddlers balloon at six flags. 

Basically…new position monday, scary times. By I am ready for it.  And I will not fail! Goodnight.

HDTVs are on the rise…er…drop!

September 29, 2010

Since this is my personal wish list blog, I can write about whatever I want.  Topic of the right now is HDTVs.  I desperately need want one.

According to Yahoo! they will be drastically dropping in price on black Friday.  I just checked my calendar and…OH!  I happen to be off on black Friday.  So is L!  How AMAZINGLY convenient.

Check this article out!  YES!

Weekend Gameplan: Wedding Ring Time!

July 10, 2010

Weekend Gameplan

OpponentWedding rings

ObjectiveGet the COOLEST wedding ring of all time!

Key Players to watchThe salesman – I got out of my last job because of the sales portion of it. I love shopping, but I don’t like buying.  Especially when someone is trying to sell me on something.  I like what I like, and I don’t want you to tell me what to like.  I have to be careful not to be offended by the sales guy, and not to offend him either.  Actually, I hope it is a woman.  I do a lot better with women than I do with guy salesmen.

Players to avoidThe high price tag – I am not excited to buy these things.  I don’t know anything about wedding rings (big shocker I know) but I  have to learn very fast.  I think that I want one of those spinner rings.  I had a cheap one and it was awesome! I could play with it all of the time, but I also hear that the stones fall out because they can’t breathe.  Apparently diamonds need to breathe.

I also have to decide if I want diamonds.  This could raise the price tag…but I think I just want like a 1/6th of a diamond or something.  I am so lost already.

Final pep talk – Just look around.  Don’t commit.  Just look around.  Get some ideas, stay calm.  Don’t focus on the price tag.  Everything is negotiable right?  I mean, maybe I could bring up the movie Blood Diamond (sympathy kills).  Maybe I could ask for a black diamond.  AWESOME.  I think that is what I am going to do.  Black diamond it out!  Maybe I could get one black diamond and one regular diamond.  Kinda like Me and L!

Who knows…will I even wear this thing after like a month of being married?  Some guys don’t….that’s always an option 🙂 or is it?

Joint accounts aka authorized theft

June 9, 2010

Hey babe
What’s up?
Can we talk wedding stuff real quick?

That’s how last nights conversation started off.  I started laughing because even though she asked me, I knew it wasn’t really a question.  It was about as rhetorical as it could possibly be.

I can’t really say that the wedding stuff has taken over my life, because, it hasn’t.  I have so many other things going on right now, I haven’t had much time to really think about the wedding much (don’t tell L!)

Luckily for me, one of my favorite childhood shows (Martin!) has been showing episodes from when he and Gina got engaged and were getting married.  Yesterday they had an episode where they decided to get a joint account together and then Martin bought big screen TV with the money (Hoshitoshi 2000!)

So the episode ends basically with them not trusting each other and wanting to keep their money separate.  I know it’s just a TV show, but is it true!?  I think recently I asked L if we should get a joint account and she goes “account? what kind of account”  SHE KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT!

I always said when I was younger that I’d just give my wife the money and let her give me an allowance (young and dumb, I know).  That was when I was making burnt cheese for a paycheck (you know how when you burn cheese you try to scrape it off the plate/utensil/tray)

Now I am bringing home the bacon and I am hesitant to hand over that heavy check (I’m really making more like bacon bits, but that’s still good. My brother once ate bacon bits until he got sick ).  I don’t want to get an allowance when she is working with the whole shabang.  I mean, does one person give themselves an allowance and then dish out leftovers to the other?  Like a stipend?

I mean, I learned a lot from Martin Payne.  He had one of the best proposals ever on TV (Brian McKnight singing one of my favorite songs ever).  He taught me how to “get my boogie on“.  He taught me how to be a funny little guy (when I was little).  But I sure didn’t learn how to share funds!   I might have to take a cash for couples class or something.

I think these feelings all started because I bought L some new jeans two weeks ago for like 80$ (don’t worry, I told her and the sales lady all about Marshall‘s and TJ Maxx and what a sales racks is as I was paying), and L lost weight and doesn’t fit into them already (You go girl!)

Maybe the sequel to cash for couples could be coupons for couples. Actually, I could teach this class.  All I need is a catchy name!

Keep your Kash.

Keep a Sekret akkount.

Secret stash in case you need to dash.

Joint account? what’s that about?

What’s mine is yours, except for my 401k.

101 hiding places for your cash. (I could start this one today!)