RingOfYes.com is … GONE

Yes…so ringofyes.com is gone.

I didn’t renew the name in time and it now would cost me $98 to do so.  So therefore, we are moving on to a bigger and better venue!  I know ringofyes.wordpress.com is not as easy to remember but I will have a new one soon. I’m not sure when….but it will be here soon!  I am still toying with the name of it so, I have to figure out what the dealio!

I know some of ya’ll have missed my posts (that’s my one cocky moment of the day) so I decided I need to provide ya’ll with insight and entertainment into the world of L and G.  She is getting funnier by the day too I swear!

The house (unfortunately) looks about the same as when we moved in.  I think L has asked me 12 times “can we hang the sconces today?” I keep running out of excuses.  “I need to find out how to hang on plaster” has been working pretty well though but I think she’s catching on to me.  Two years ago, if you would have asked me what a sconce was, I would’ve have said a British biscuit.

But anyways, the blog will be updated and I have stocked up some pictures for you all to check out in the coming days\weeks.


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