RingOfYes.com is … GONE

September 18, 2012

Yes…so ringofyes.com is gone.

I didn’t renew the name in time and it now would cost me $98 to do so.  So therefore, we are moving on to a bigger and better venue!  I know ringofyes.wordpress.com is not as easy to remember but I will have a new one soon. I’m not sure when….but it will be here soon!  I am still toying with the name of it so, I have to figure out what the dealio!

I know some of ya’ll have missed my posts (that’s my one cocky moment of the day) so I decided I need to provide ya’ll with insight and entertainment into the world of L and G.  She is getting funnier by the day too I swear!

The house (unfortunately) looks about the same as when we moved in.  I think L has asked me 12 times “can we hang the sconces today?” I keep running out of excuses.  “I need to find out how to hang on plaster” has been working pretty well though but I think she’s catching on to me.  Two years ago, if you would have asked me what a sconce was, I would’ve have said a British biscuit.

But anyways, the blog will be updated and I have stocked up some pictures for you all to check out in the coming days\weeks.


Navigating the mind of a woman…one tangent at a time

September 18, 2012

So you know what a tangent is right? In case you don’t, it’s a line that touches a circle or curve at one point, making it relevant to the circle or curve (non-mathematical explanation).  Otherwise it wouldn’t be relavant at all. It would just be a line next to a circle.  Well when people go off “on a tangentusually at some point it touches on the point that was originally in focus.  It may go off into lala land thereafter, but at some point, everyone can say “I see where that was relevant

Not with L.

With L, she has her own definition of a conversational tangent.  Case and point.

A few days ago when we were in the car and I was talking about how in college, I downloaded a song which I thought was an R. Kelly song called Chocolate Factory.  Instead I got the Veggie Tales version and when it came on, my friends would make fun of me.  I laughed, she laughed and immediately said the following…(please try to follow).

One time in college, me and my roommates were drinking (for story’s sake, she was of age, they weren’t) in the room and this RA had a crush on me, and he said he was coming down so we had to hide the bottles.  So, we stupidly hid them in paper bags in the middle of the floor!  Then when he came in, one of us bumped the bags and the bottle fell over.  So I said to the RA, “You didn’t hear anything, everything is just fine“.  And he kinda looked at me and said, “You girls be safe!” and I said, “We are!  We are just going down to Lucky’s and then coming right back home

End of story

This is about the point where I nearly explode because I realized halfway through that this story was headed off the highest cliff in conversation history!  I also could tell that she knew that as well.  She refused to look at me, and just waited for me to burst into laughter (which I did)

So remember I talked about how the tangent touches the original story at one point….I HAD to know where her story was related.  Her answer:

“You said in college, and then that reminded me of something that happened in college”

HAHA!  WHAT!?  That is great!  The mind of a woman is a laser maze of tangents.  I’m just Catherine Zeta-Jones, trying to navigate my way through safely.