Some random photos of my house!

Oops, sorry.  I meant to say OUR house.

I wanted to share a few pictures (FINALLY!)

First off, let me make a couple excuses as to why it has taken me a couple months to do so.  My 2nd TV/Computer monitor broke.  My Laptop doesn’t have a screen so I needed to set up my desk/old monitor.  Then i tried to upload the pictures three times and it didn’t work!  So my TV is now fixed and I am displaying the few pictures of the house that I took before we painted the entire thing.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take pics of the upstairs so this is just the main level and Man Cave..

Ok anyways,  On to the next random thought of mine.  My OUR house!  Take a peak at some pictures of the place (I almost said crib, but then I didn’t want anyone to take that as a subtle hint that we were having a kid…because we aren’t)

If you click on a pic, you can cycle through them all in a cool little thing.


2 Responses to Some random photos of my house!

  1. Stacey says:

    Love it!!!

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