So we moved in a couple weeks ago and during the packing process L packed up the entire kitchen.  We have this long running feud regarding boxes vs duffel bags.  I am a huge duffel bag fan and she is a fan of boxes.  Duffel bags can carry almost anything except for furniture and dishes.  And you can haul like 4 bags at once!  Boxes are awkward and hurt your back, it’s quite a pain if you ask me (and since this is my blog, i’m going to pretend that you did)

Up until the move day, I had never used movers and had never seen them in action.  If you haven’t either, I highly recommend you hire some and watch them work their magic!

Anyways….back to the real spectacle.  L labled about 40 boxes “Kitchen”  I was thinking that there’s NO WAY that all these can go in the kitchen.   I mean, look at this!

This isn't so bad right?

There can’t be that many boxes there right??

Wow...This is a lot of boxes!

So…here’s my thing.  I don’t understand how all of these boxes fit into the kitchen.  You’d think that Food Network was sponsoring our kitchen.  Let me tell you…they are not.  I am sponsoring our kitchen.  Along with PNC Bank by way of my paychecks.

I sure can’t wait for some of the best meals my stomach has ever experienced in our new kitchen!



One Response to

  1. L says:

    A couple things:

    1) yes all the stuff in those boxes fit in the kitchen and the kitchen organization makes sense unlike the last move so I get points there
    2) if I cook dem best meals my stomach ever had food I best see it on this blog.

    3) your pay checks didn’t pay for our kitchen stuffs. Our fabulous family and friends did for our wedding. (shoot out to our wedding peeps!! Love y’all!!)

    4) I still need more kitchen stuff so I can start my own recipe cooking blog : )

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