We-Just-Moved UPDATE

We just moved on Friday which means that we have a house full of crap and no where to put it.  well so it seems because it is all in the middle of the floor at the moment.  

One thing I hate, is digging through boxes to find stuff.  I would much rather just unpack them and get down to business, but this is easier said than done.  So far, I have a bunch of things that I can’t find or took me searching through EVERY box to find them

  • My work shoes
  • My goggles (I am blind.  Normal people wear glasses, I wear goggles)
  • My headphones (necessary for me to make it through a work day)
  • A leg to my TV stand (still missing)
  • My razor for shaving (finally found it after searching for 20 minutes)
  • My loofa thing….that washes me.  Not a washcloth.  The other fluffy thing that you put body wash on…
  • The charger to my electric Drill
  • My sanity

I’m losing it!  


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