We moved in….

HEY!  We moved in.  Tuesday.  The movers were late, but the moved the entire apartment into our house in about 3.5 – 4 hours.  In my eyes, they are genius children.  I am sitting in my man cave right now, with my laptop attached to the 32″ TV that I bought on Cyber Monday.  Right now, it looks like a small tornado blew through my man cave.  All of the dors are open, boxes everywhere. It’s a mess, but soon I know it will turn into a beautiful situation!

But first, a trip to Ikea!! Then to Walmart to pick up my new 43″ TV for the living room!  ooooh!!!! Fancy!

I have so much to post about when I get time. Hopefully while I watch TV today… I mean unpack some more.


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