Christmas Cheer and Broken electronics

December 30, 2011

Well, I hooked my computer up to my brand new 32″ LCD TV….then I got a virus.  And I spent three days fixing my own computer when I do that all day at work. Bad news is that I lost everything on my hard drive, good news is that my pictures are on my SD card and I didn’t really have anything worth keeping on my hard drive because I work with computers all day and I know how unreliable they are.  I’m sure I will be looking for some data in a few weeks and realize that it was on my laptop though.

After I fixed my computer, my new 32″ LDC TV started flickering and cutting off and on sporadically.  So I called Toshiba and they are sending someone out to replace the mainboard.  I gotta say Toshiba support is SO GOOD!  It’s obvious that they outsource it to another country oversees , but they don’t mess around.  The person you talk to initially, is the person you hang up with.  None of this American, “let me transfer you to someone who can’t help you” phone tag garbage!  VERIZON!

So, with that being said, I always say I am going to get back into writing and posting and then….a million and one things come up and I don’t get around to actually doing it.  I am good at this.  Some call it scatterbrained, others call it ADD, I call it my life! But I really want to get back into writing and posting again.  It’s my circle of sanity 🙂

In the past month I feel like we have bought out the the entire state of Virginia trying to furnish our house home and it still isn’t completely furnished!  Ugh!  This is what being an adult homeowner is all about huh?

I have really really been into remodeling blogs lately and I know that seems pretty girly probably, but I don’t care!  I have extremely manly sides to balance everything out! For example, for Christmas my awesome in-(Santa C)laws bought me THIS!

A reciprocating saw which I promptly used to cute shelves for L! It’s so AWESOME!

I also got THIS from my genius wife/Santa Clausette!

I haven’t used this yet, but I have a few projects in mind. I will explain them in a later post though.  L thinks I am completely crazy but…she supports me so I have love her for that alone!!  For now,  This is all you get!

I am working on a new years resolution post that I will probably put out on New Years Day!


December 13, 2011

So we moved in a couple weeks ago and during the packing process L packed up the entire kitchen.  We have this long running feud regarding boxes vs duffel bags.  I am a huge duffel bag fan and she is a fan of boxes.  Duffel bags can carry almost anything except for furniture and dishes.  And you can haul like 4 bags at once!  Boxes are awkward and hurt your back, it’s quite a pain if you ask me (and since this is my blog, i’m going to pretend that you did)

Up until the move day, I had never used movers and had never seen them in action.  If you haven’t either, I highly recommend you hire some and watch them work their magic!

Anyways….back to the real spectacle.  L labled about 40 boxes “Kitchen”  I was thinking that there’s NO WAY that all these can go in the kitchen.   I mean, look at this!

This isn't so bad right?

There can’t be that many boxes there right??

Wow...This is a lot of boxes!

So…here’s my thing.  I don’t understand how all of these boxes fit into the kitchen.  You’d think that Food Network was sponsoring our kitchen.  Let me tell you…they are not.  I am sponsoring our kitchen.  Along with PNC Bank by way of my paychecks.

I sure can’t wait for some of the best meals my stomach has ever experienced in our new kitchen!


Pictures are coming! Pictures are coming

December 7, 2011

I just wanted to saw that pictures are coming of our home!!! I painted the final room today!….I’m afraid it needs two coats. In fact, I know it needs another coat and I am simply in denial. This is my attempt to fight this denial. ugh!

Anyways…PIcs are coming soon! Sorry I have not posted any yet really. L didn’t even want me to take any of the house in its current state, so I made the executive decision to not test her by posting pictures.

Therefore….we all must wait.

We-Just-Moved UPDATE

December 6, 2011

We just moved on Friday which means that we have a house full of crap and no where to put it.  well so it seems because it is all in the middle of the floor at the moment.  

One thing I hate, is digging through boxes to find stuff.  I would much rather just unpack them and get down to business, but this is easier said than done.  So far, I have a bunch of things that I can’t find or took me searching through EVERY box to find them

  • My work shoes
  • My goggles (I am blind.  Normal people wear glasses, I wear goggles)
  • My headphones (necessary for me to make it through a work day)
  • A leg to my TV stand (still missing)
  • My razor for shaving (finally found it after searching for 20 minutes)
  • My loofa thing….that washes me.  Not a washcloth.  The other fluffy thing that you put body wash on…
  • The charger to my electric Drill
  • My sanity

I’m losing it!  

We moved in….

December 4, 2011

HEY!  We moved in.  Tuesday.  The movers were late, but the moved the entire apartment into our house in about 3.5 – 4 hours.  In my eyes, they are genius children.  I am sitting in my man cave right now, with my laptop attached to the 32″ TV that I bought on Cyber Monday.  Right now, it looks like a small tornado blew through my man cave.  All of the dors are open, boxes everywhere. It’s a mess, but soon I know it will turn into a beautiful situation!

But first, a trip to Ikea!! Then to Walmart to pick up my new 43″ TV for the living room!  ooooh!!!! Fancy!

I have so much to post about when I get time. Hopefully while I watch TV today… I mean unpack some more.

Two clumsies

December 1, 2011

One thing we didn’t think about and I am now starting to realize may be a (funny) problem is the fact that me and L are ULTRA clumsy.  I haven’t lived in a house with stairs since 2000 when I went away to school.  I briefly (who am I kidding, it was 2 years) lived at my moms after graduating, but since, I have lived in apartments with no stairs.  Now we have stairs.  and A lot of them. 

We have those types of stairs that come in sets of like 4 or 5 instead of one long staircase and they turn at 90 degree turns like 7 times.  They look like they are an obstacle on American Gladiators.  There’s banisters everywhere!   This will make for some extreme hilarity throughout the years.

I mean, just the other I am eating lunch and bit my lip to the point where I almost start crying at work!  Then eating dinner with L, I hear her squeal “AAHMMM!!!”  SHE bites her lip too!  What are the chances we bit our lips in the same day.  I’ll tell you: HIGH!

One time when I was about 14 or 15, I was running UP the stairs, tripped and crashed in to the closet door at the top of the stairs.  BROKEN!  How fast do you have to be running to trip up the stairs and continue moving up into the closet.  Somebody break down the physics on that for me.  

For some reason, I thought my mom wouldn’t notice.  I mean who goes into the coat closet in the middle of the winter, right?  We spent the next 5 years trying to fix that stupid closet.  

I would fall down the stairs so many times growing up that my mom didn’t even pay any attention to it anymore.  I can just see L bringing some plates down the stairs or something and BOOM!  FOOD everywhere!  Or me, sleepily going downstairs to make some breakfast and BAM!  Hole in the wall from my head.  Concussion.

I definitely think that I am going to keep a counter on the page of how many times we trip in our house on the stairs.  This is going to be a show!