DIY Dude in the making

So with the new house, it needs some work.  Another thing that needs work are my DIY skills.

I grew up in a new house so nothing really ever needed to be repaired.  The most I ever remember building was a rabbit fence with my dad once.  (Good story)

We wanted to grow some watermelon in the backyard (so stereotypical and country!).  So we went and got some seeds from the local hardware store and planted them in the backyard along with some corn and a few other pointless veggies.  We waited about a week and then went to check on them.  Low and behold there were some sprouts!  So about another week or so later we went back to check and there were about 15 holes in our “garden“.

Something was eating our stuff!  Dad assumed that they were rabbits and he had an easy fix for them!  A rabbit fence.  So we got a few 2x4s and like 50 yards (which was 48 yards too long) of chicken wire and built us a fence to go around the “garden“.  We then replanted all of the fruit and waited a couple weeks.

When we checked it again,  I was astonished to find that these rabbits had both chewed through the chicken wire and had dug underneath it to get the seeds.  It never really occured to me that they could have been regular ol’ everyday squirrels.  Either way, that was pretty much the beginning and end of me using a hammer, nails, and a flimsy hand saw.

So here I am; getting my DIYness underway. I am getting ready to become a full fledged DOer!  There’s one big thing stopping me though.  Tools.

I think that I am supposed to have some things tools or something in order to build stuff with right?  Well, I have a hammer, some screws (drywall), drill, basic toolkit, random orbital sander, and an extension cord ….end of list.

So as you can see, I have about the same amount of tools as an amish grandmother.  I desperately need to upgrade my tools if I want to become as cool as DIY Diva.

So here is my list of tools that I am realizing that I will need for a few projects that I have in mind.  Disclaimer: This is NOT a sly wink wink attempt at a public Christmas list.

  • Mitre saw
  • Circular saw
  • Jig saw
  • Table saw
  • Router
  • Work bench
  • Sawhorse
  • 10 different types of vices
  • Clamp on straight edge
  • Shop Vac

The good news is that I will be purchasing at least two of these items in the VERY near future.  Possibly tomorrow in fact! Actually, that idea just got nixed by the queen.  Apparently we need furniture first.  Another dream bites the dust.


One Response to DIY Dude in the making

  1. JDL says:

    Let’s see about using the Smart Card smartly…a Shop Vac, a circular saw, a jig saw and a portable work bench. All for…how much was on that Smart Card? From guess who?

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