Public Apology and Praise

I want to take this time to apologize to my wife, L.  Last night she said something and I thought about what she said and after she left, I realized that she was indeed …. CORRECT!

We are planning on  painting our living room from a greenish greyish color to a more greyish….grey.  I am terrible with colors.  Like I said when we were picking out our wedding invitations, men are dealing with a 8 pack of crayons while women have the 256 colors, with the expansion kit and melting pot to create new colors.  So where I see different shades, she sees a totally different color.  So I don’t understand why we aren’t just painting the whole house the same color, but I don’t say anything.  I just let her colors flow.

So, anyways, back to the apology.  She said, “Painting this is room is going to be a huge job.  It’s not so much the painting, it’s going to be the taping and prep work.  It’ll take a day, at least.

I doubted her. Big time.  I thought maybe a few hours.  So I started taping last night.  I lost interest about 15 strips of tape later.  About 30 minutes after that, I started thinking about football and how to beat a cover 3 defense with 2 TE sets.  I started thinking about how I feel like I have been taping the room for two hours and I have gotten NOWHERE!

So as I continue taping, I look up and I have done maybe 1/16th of what we need to do.  Then I go upstairs and realize that we have a HUGE 20 foot wall….and only an 8 foot ladder….

I’m no mathematicianist but I got out my abacus and added 6 feet(my height) plus 8 feet (the ladder) and realized I am still about 6 feel short of reaching the top of the wall.  L is afraid of heights…to the point where before she climbed the bottom two rungs of the ladder, she warned me that if I heard a noise, to come quick, call the ambulance, and to get the will from under the mattress (JK, I dunno where the will is.  Something else I need to find out ASAP)

So as I stared at that wall I dreaded the fact that I was going to have to apologize to my wife (I am sorry for doubting you) and say those dreaded three words that are so difficult for any man to say. . .

You were right!


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