“I’m just gonna….”

I discovered something that I have seen on TV a million times but never could really grasp until I truly experienced it first hand.  The dreaded words, “I’m just gonna...”

It started out with me saying to L, “I’m just gonna take these shelves down in the closet.


I come home from playing football (another bad idea!) and luckily L had already done it for me!  She also apparently found a sledge hammer, crowbar, and a little Pandora’s box of anger and knocked out the railing thing in the bathroom….Literally knocked it out.


So you would think that the easy part was all done right!?  ….wrong.  I spent the rest of the day, and the entire next day pretty much.  Putting up spackle, sanding……..and sanding….and respackling and fixing tape joints and sanding.  It was pure ridiculousness!

So then, when L had to go back to the apartment at about 5pm, I made the mistake again!

I’ll be home soon, I’m just gonna sand some more then tape up the rest of the house and get ready for paint.

WHAT?!  Am I crazy!? So then, I thought “I just have to sand harder and faster and that will get the job done quicker.” Makes sense, right?

Well, an hour and three intense scream worthy shoulder cramps later, my but muscles locked up and I could no longer sand anymore!  I left the walk-in closet looking like below.  

I will no longer kid myself into thinking that I’m just gonna do anything, ever again!  I’m sure Michelangelo didn’t wake up one Sunday and say “I’m just gonna suspend myself upside down and paint naked Adam touching God on this curved dome about 80 feet in the air.”

NO,  he was probably much more realistic and said, “I’m just gonna paint his fingernail today.  Maybe a knuckle, but no more.  I mean, I’ve got 4 years to do it, why rush?!

Now excuse me while I go ice my shoulder and butt muscles.




One Response to “I’m just gonna….”

  1. SL says:

    welcome to home ownership!!!! Can’t wait to see the new place…not sure when the next time will be that we will be making the trip to DC but hopefully soon!

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