*yawn* We are exhausted! We have been working for three days straight on our house. I have gone to Lowes (Not Loews as my friend Nes pointed out to me when I used the wrong spelling in a text to him) about 6 times in 4 days. We have spent …. far too much money on stuff I barely know how to spell.

But with that being said, our new house is starting to come together into a home! Friday we went to the house and went around to all of the rooms and made of list of things that we want to do to the house. The list was like 100 items long. Ridiculous, but that’s what you get when you put two dreamers together.

So then when pared down the list to realistic things that can get done now, and it pretty much came down to paint, Spackle, and fixing tape joints. Now, on paper, these seem like easy tasks…then another list was made of “items needed“. This is where ridiculous happens!

– Paint brushes
– Paint rollers
– Painting tape
– Paper to put down on the floors
– Paint roller cover things (I dunno why the most essential part of the pain roller is actually called the roller cover, but whatever)
– Paint scraper
– Putty knife
– Sanding sponges
– Electric sander
– Electric sander, sand paper
– Gloves
– Masks for sanding and painting
– Eye goggles (I should just use my middle school eye glasses, they sure are thick enough!)
– Paint roller pans
– Spackle
– Joint compound
– Joint mesh/tape
– Paint samples
– The actual paint
– 4 Pack of Monster Energy drink

I had NO idea that painting would be so exhausting. Actually I didn’t paint one gosh darn thing. My wife did it all. I sure did get the ol’ “Honey! Can you move this ladder for me?” and “Baby! Can you pour the paint for me.” She just wanted me to feel important I’m sure.  It worked!

I have lived in dorms and apartments pretty much for the last 11 years of my life, so I’m not used to the stairs yet! I better have the legs of an Olympic Mogul Skiier in 3 weekends!

We took a million pictures this weekend, but of course, I left them all at the house so I will try to post them sometime this weekend. We have multiple projects going on right now. I will be sure to post separate posts on each one for everyone to follow!

Whenever I leave the house, I feel like I’m leaving a puppy at home by themselves! I don’t want to go! Does this feeling ever go away!?


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