2 months

That’s over 60 days since I last posted.  Man that is a long time. Let’s give a quick recap of what has and hasn’t happened since we last had a conversation.

– I have not purchased a new car
– I have nearly burned my apartment down cooking fried chicken (L still thought it was delicious though)
– My mother’s everlasting reverberating wisdom saved my life again
– My capitals have been winning
– I have attended two beautiful weddings of friends of ours
– I have pretty much stopped working out altogether (which doesn’t make me happy)
– I have survived a full year at my current position with my job (there were days for sure that I thought I was going to punch someone in the face or pass out from stress and frustration levels)
– We have stuck to being purely window shoppers in the attempt to save money
– We have taken a sushi rolling class (this was an exception to the last point)
– We have not made sushi since taking the class
– I have been reading and writing poetry more

That is just a few of the things that have happened (or not happened) since my last post.

I have quite a few post in buy head that I would like to write in the coming weeks and months and I hope that my old followers and readers will join all you new ones in rediscovering just how amazing of a person I am at times. (my wife would like you to know that she does not fully endorse the last statement).

The first post of a new era will air tomorrow at about 6 pm!


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