My girlf…I mean wife is amazing

I have been on top of stress mountain for the entire length of the summer. My family (currently consisting me my wife L and I) were faced with the decision of the decade in whether she should leave her satan sanctioned job and search for a blessed new one. After some sleepless night and a few dry heave attacks we decide to take a leap of faith and she put in her resignation and began searching.

She ran into multiple road blocks and even a few punches to the nose as was to be expected. I am a pretty optomistic person for the most part, but I was having regretful thoughts that maybe we had made the wrong decision.  But I forgot why we dcided to make the whole leap. FAITH.

This isn’t a religious post but I do want to say that we had full confidence in our decision and did the necessary tasks to put us in the best position and a few people along the way came along and almost took over the situation for us. We had people forwarding us jobs, calling on Ls behalf, and finally creating a position for her almost.

It is truly amazing how the whole situation turned out in the end after a little faith and perseverance. She worked her tail off to find a job and ended up getting a position that is a little better than what she originally planned for.

I just want to say kudos to you, and you inspire me with your attitude and awesome work ethic.


2 Responses to My girlf…I mean wife is amazing

  1. Trey says:

    Therein lies the beauty in life and in a wife! And while the message may not be religious, it is spiritual and necessary! Congrats fam! Love you!

  2. fizzgigabyte says:

    its amazing what can happen when you trust that your decisions are the right ones! good for you two! i see years of happiness on your horizon!!!

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