Sick Six – Part II

Spotify – Sick Six playlist!

Chiddy Bang ft Icona PopMind Your Manners – Wow the hook is so hot!  The original is pretty good but, this is really good.  Chiddy Bang sounds like a poor man’s B.O.B. mixed with Flo-Rida…which makes him …. terrible to listen to.  But the hook has me bobbin my head!

Bon IverCalgary – Everyone is so on this guy, and I just don’t see it.  He’s got a good voice, but he’s like … If Michael Buble were depressed and suicidal.

Demi LovatoSkyscraper – She has a decent voice for sure.  And this song is just another pop joint, but I like it for some reason.  Give it a go!

ColdWhat happens now – Never heard of this band until yesterday, but I like em!  They remind me a little bit of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus who I love.

The Kooks Junk of the heart (Happy) – This is a little neo-Beatles…or more like The strokes?  I dunno.  I don’t listen to this kind of music normally, but this caught my ear so I decided to listen.   It’s cute!

Cee-Lo ft Melanie FionaFool for you – His most recent single is a hit in my eyes.  He might be a little crazy and over the top at times, but you can’t argue with crazy!


Nikki YanofskyDon’t know why (remake) – She’s 17 yrs old and is an up and coming Jazz singer.  Listen to her remake of Norah Jone’s Don’t know why and decide how good she is for yourself!


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