Sick Six – Part I

Spotify – Sick Six list! 

KarminLook at me now – Thought you have heard it all?  A white chick spittin Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne lyric for lyric!  AND as shay whitey as she may be, she still has some flavor…somehow!  CRAZY GOOD!  If you only listen to one thing, listen to this one!

Joe BrooksSuperman – I heard this song probably 5 or 6 years ago on MySpace when this was the only song on his playlist.  Now he’s got a recording deal and it’s still good.  I think he’s English as well.

KreayshawnGucci Gucci – The beat is hot…the lyrics are NOT.  She’s terrible, but I am intrigued by how the world can listen to garbage…over and over and over again…and still call it music. She used to work at Ikea then one day she bought a MacBook and started writing rhymes……..This is how all bad movies start.  This is the suburban Hustle & Flow  story.  Except it would get boo’d at Sundance.

DJ Khaled, Keyshia Cole, Chris BrownLegendary – I heard an interview a few months ago about DJ Khaled saying this was going to be the biggest song of the summer and was going to redefine careers and what not. So, I couldn’t wait to listen.  Man was that

Brian McKnightFall 5.0 – B. McKnizzle is back!  He has a new album and a song with his son Jr. that is pretty good.  But as soon as I heard this song, I started thinking “ahhh, Mr. McKnight, where have you been”.  Not really.  I just liked it

Ellie GouldingLights – This has a ton of remixes, but I love the original.  So sue me! She’s English…English singers make the best dance tracks.  Sorry Rihanna…


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