My car adventure this weekend

August 22, 2011

So there I was just enjoying my Saturday trying to catch up on some important reading….when little miss L comes storming in saying the car won’t start.  I ask what’s wrong and she goes “I don’t know. It doesn’t start! It turns and then it just goes ….” Then L makes a sound no human has ever made a day in their life. This is when I know its bad.

So I get dressed, not sure what I am going to do about it. Let’s be honest, I am no Thor from Adventures in Babysitting, but I can do a few things with a car. I have changed the oil, battery, radiator hose, and done some other mods on past cars, but I mostly stayed away from this car!

So I go downstairs and get in the car. The garage is poorly lit (on purpose I am sure) and it is easily 95 degrees down there. I immediately start sweating.

I turn the key and sure enough, I hear that sound that L mimicked just minutes earlier. Along with that, the lights flash out of control and the engine doesn’t turn over, and the console beeps a bunch of times.  But, I remain calm. This is our only car…there is no alternate mode of tramsportation for L. Plus I have to be at work in 4 hours…so there’s no point in getting mad at anything or anyone.  This just needs to get fied and its nobodys fault.

So I go upstairs and use my troubleshooting and problem solving skills that my job has taught me so well.  I am convinced that I could seriously find the answer to any question or problem on Google.  I am Jeeves!

I figure out that the car is triggering its anti theft mode most likely because the car doesn’t have enough electricity to start it, so it thinks that it is being hot wired. This is why the engine won’t turn over like it would with some cars.

I know its not the starter because that wouldn’t cause the lights to flash and surge the power.  So I conclude the battery is dying…so….I call around to some places to see if anyone has a battery. One place does so I go downstairs first to try to get a jump. A nice young man attempts to help us but can’t. Now the battery is really dying!

So I am sweating my life away in this cavernous garage trying to remove my battery blindly when I hear a tiny mouselike voice behind me say “Do you need some help?”  I turn and its some 22 year old girl in heels and a dress… who just drove by in a BMW.  I kind of giggle and say no I am ok and smile. She then goes, “I don’t know what I would have done but I had an Eagle Talon so I learned a few things about cars.” 

My mom had an Eagle and that thing stayed in the shop!!  I thank her again and appreciate her kindness as she departs.  So I finally get tthis 35 pound battery out of the trunk. Yes it is in the trunk, and I rig this carrying bag and head out on my sweaty 3/4 mile trek. Along the way a guys stops to ask me how to get to Rosslyn and I tell him, wiping sweat from my face to appear semi sane.

He thanks me, notices my battery and asks “you heading that way? Want a ride?”  I look on the inside of his luxury car and see the white leather seats…is he crazy?  I had a filthy dirty battery, and he is offering this sweaty dirtball into his car for a ride?

I politely refuse, tell him I am about a block away, and continue on. I got the new battery, trekked back with this awkward slug of a battery and threw it back in the trunk. I plugged it back up, and sweatily jumped in the car to turn the key.

::Music to my ears::

The car starts!

The main thing was, in three hours I had three people help or offer to help me!  For some reason, I kind of have a restored faith in mankind. I am sure someone will squat over that faith today and mask it with a big “stink stink” as my nephew calls it.

Until then, thanks Arlington for your kindness. The sweaty stinky man with the battery thanks you tremendously.


My girlf…I mean wife is amazing

August 18, 2011

I have been on top of stress mountain for the entire length of the summer. My family (currently consisting me my wife L and I) were faced with the decision of the decade in whether she should leave her satan sanctioned job and search for a blessed new one. After some sleepless night and a few dry heave attacks we decide to take a leap of faith and she put in her resignation and began searching.

She ran into multiple road blocks and even a few punches to the nose as was to be expected. I am a pretty optomistic person for the most part, but I was having regretful thoughts that maybe we had made the wrong decision.  But I forgot why we dcided to make the whole leap. FAITH.

This isn’t a religious post but I do want to say that we had full confidence in our decision and did the necessary tasks to put us in the best position and a few people along the way came along and almost took over the situation for us. We had people forwarding us jobs, calling on Ls behalf, and finally creating a position for her almost.

It is truly amazing how the whole situation turned out in the end after a little faith and perseverance. She worked her tail off to find a job and ended up getting a position that is a little better than what she originally planned for.

I just want to say kudos to you, and you inspire me with your attitude and awesome work ethic.

Sick Six – Part II

August 2, 2011

Spotify – Sick Six playlist!

Chiddy Bang ft Icona PopMind Your Manners – Wow the hook is so hot!  The original is pretty good but, this is really good.  Chiddy Bang sounds like a poor man’s B.O.B. mixed with Flo-Rida…which makes him …. terrible to listen to.  But the hook has me bobbin my head!

Bon IverCalgary – Everyone is so on this guy, and I just don’t see it.  He’s got a good voice, but he’s like … If Michael Buble were depressed and suicidal.

Demi LovatoSkyscraper – She has a decent voice for sure.  And this song is just another pop joint, but I like it for some reason.  Give it a go!

ColdWhat happens now – Never heard of this band until yesterday, but I like em!  They remind me a little bit of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus who I love.

The Kooks Junk of the heart (Happy) – This is a little neo-Beatles…or more like The strokes?  I dunno.  I don’t listen to this kind of music normally, but this caught my ear so I decided to listen.   It’s cute!

Cee-Lo ft Melanie FionaFool for you – His most recent single is a hit in my eyes.  He might be a little crazy and over the top at times, but you can’t argue with crazy!


Nikki YanofskyDon’t know why (remake) – She’s 17 yrs old and is an up and coming Jazz singer.  Listen to her remake of Norah Jone’s Don’t know why and decide how good she is for yourself!

Sick Six – Part I

August 2, 2011

Spotify – Sick Six list! 

KarminLook at me now – Thought you have heard it all?  A white chick spittin Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne lyric for lyric!  AND as shay whitey as she may be, she still has some flavor…somehow!  CRAZY GOOD!  If you only listen to one thing, listen to this one!

Joe BrooksSuperman – I heard this song probably 5 or 6 years ago on MySpace when this was the only song on his playlist.  Now he’s got a recording deal and it’s still good.  I think he’s English as well.

KreayshawnGucci Gucci – The beat is hot…the lyrics are NOT.  She’s terrible, but I am intrigued by how the world can listen to garbage…over and over and over again…and still call it music. She used to work at Ikea then one day she bought a MacBook and started writing rhymes……..This is how all bad movies start.  This is the suburban Hustle & Flow  story.  Except it would get boo’d at Sundance.

DJ Khaled, Keyshia Cole, Chris BrownLegendary – I heard an interview a few months ago about DJ Khaled saying this was going to be the biggest song of the summer and was going to redefine careers and what not. So, I couldn’t wait to listen.  Man was that

Brian McKnightFall 5.0 – B. McKnizzle is back!  He has a new album and a song with his son Jr. that is pretty good.  But as soon as I heard this song, I started thinking “ahhh, Mr. McKnight, where have you been”.  Not really.  I just liked it

Ellie GouldingLights – This has a ton of remixes, but I love the original.  So sue me! She’s English…English singers make the best dance tracks.  Sorry Rihanna…