Taco Shells and place mats!

So I came home and sat on the couch to relax the other day.  L comes bolting in at full speed with excitement about something.  I know it’s taco night which is her favorite but still…were these the best tacos ever? or what?

So, I brace for her to tackle me but luckily she stops short.  But she starts jumping up and down.

“I made taco shells for the taco salad!  Wanna see?”

I told her about this place across from my high school that me and my friends used to go to all of the time called El Mexicano.  I used to get the taco salad and it came in an edible bowl and I’d crush it!!  So the next day, she decided to try to secretly make the taco bowl!

What an awesome wife I have.  CHECK THESE OUT! 

Quick question though.  Why are my taco salad shells sitting (greasily) on the place mat?  I dunno where that placemat has been!  It could have cooties!  Look there is even a stain on the placemat!  But I must say.  The taco salad and sheels were amazing! Thanks wife of mine!


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