What?? How dare you!

I am the pasta king!  I grew up on ramen noodles…er actually it was oodles of noodles back then!  I can cook them on the stove, microwave, oven, open fire pit, grill, wherever!  I am the pasta King!

I graduated from oodles of noodles to real pasta after college and have perfected creating the perfect noodle! I can cook pasta or noodles with my feet if I had to.

The other day I was making fettucine and chicken alfredo, a personal favorite. I made the noodles last because the sauce needed my full attention.  We got new cookware for the wedding (thank you!!!!) and I’m not fully used to it yet. So…I didn’t put enough water in the pot so the strainer insert was low on water.  So I made the cardinal pasta mistake of adding more water at mid boil…yes…while the noodles were in the pot.  I know, my stomach was screaming “NOOO” the whole time and smacked its forehead when I actually poured it in.

I then cooked the pasta as normal and made cardinal mistake number two…I didn’t taste it. I know!  Nobodys fault but my own!

Then I go and sit down and start eating with L.  L says “Its good!”  Well of course it is, I think to myself. Then after a few moments of silence she goes.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but…the pasta is undercooked.”

What? How dare you! Did you just insult the king’s pasta!!  This just doesn’t happen!  You don’t do that!  It’s rule #1 of living with the King! I mean, there are boundaries, and some you approach closely, but you never cross them.  You just don’t!

Then I remembered rule #1 of living with the queen…and before I could stop myself, my mouth had already reacted.

“Yeah I agree, I was thinking the same thing.”

Rule #1 of living with the Queen: The Queen is always right.


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