Season ending heartbreak

Well…..the season is over which means that my heart is broken. I have been a fan of local teams for years. I wore number 28 my whole playing career because of Darrell Green. I thought basketball was called Georgetown until I was in kidergarten. I played shortstop because of Cal Ripken. But I must say that even through the national championship and bowl games I was a part of at Maryland, this was my favorite season as a fan of the Washington Capitals.

I have watched nearly every game this season and I loved every second of it. Those who have followed me on twitter have come to expect some angry fan rants, as well as some fun comments involving our players. For you all just now getting to eperiene my fun….stay tuned!  Just wait til u see what I am like when there are no sports around to disttract me from my thoughts!

Now that the season and the wedding are over, we have a few more fun things to focus on.  Best summarized with the word “dread”. I’m married now so I have the pleasant daily thoughts of looking towards the future. I don’t eactly know what that means but its starting to neatly come into view. Here is a glimpse into the the mind of G in regards to….the future:

– Should I write a book??
– Should we buy a house or rent another year and continue to save money.
– Should we buy another car to ease the pain of my daily commute.
– Where do we want to travel?
– What are the plans for trying to start a family (no input needed from peanut gallery on this one…we have talked about this plenty!)
– Should I join the military and turn into an elite commando and hunt down flighty terrorist? (Kinda kidding)
– Should I try to start my own business to go along with L’s succeeding business?
– Should I quit my job and refuse to work in hopes of L accepting my true dream of becoming a full time dad.
– Should I try to coach football again?
– How should I make this blog even better?

So many questions. I’m glad that I will now have all time that I will need to answer them all. Feel free to chime in if you have some information that may be helpful. Or just a novice opinion of your own. I enjoy opinions!


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