Opening night of round 2!

Yup. The first hockey post on my site. This one will be quick. Just a few questions that I want answered tonight!

1 – Will Backstrom stop playing like a rookie? From what little I saw from the first round (because I was in Jamaica and yes I am bragging), it appears that Backstrom hates playing well.  He used to be a force with the puck. Now he is simply the guy that gets the puck before someone else does. Like a gliding checkpoint for the puck. Granted he’s one hell of a checkpoint.  Like customs at JFK but he can’t score anymore. He has missed at least 10 or 15 wide open or fast break goals this year. He’s almost too calm and too stoic. Somebody needs to pour kerosene on his behind so he can get fired up!  He’s not only my favorite player…he’s the reason I bleed red!

2 – Now that the Bears are out of the playoffs, will Matty Perreault make an appearance?
The kid is good. Regardless of what anyone says(including that comedian Boudreau), he is solid and he can be good on this level. He worked on his D in Hershey (I hope…that’s what he was there for) and he can be a good force when it comes to creating offensive chances with our veteran wingers. Perreaultcho-cinco aka MP85 aka Matty Sticklift had one of the best shooting %s on our team at 17.1% during the regular season and if we let him go he will be the next Kyle Wilson or Alexandre Giroux. One day I will write a post on how Matty P makes everyone around him better. Plus he got his nose busted for nothin???

3 – Will Holtby come in if we get in trouble?
Varly wants to play, but Neuvirth has played like he belongs on a trophy stand and plated in gold (minus one period against the now golfing NY Rangers). As impressive as he has been, Holtby is the most impressive youngin’ thus far. But don’t forget…we all were calling for gnarly Varly two years ago around this time, and now he might as well be drying out game gloves with all of the playing time he’s getting. Careful what we ask for!  Hold on for Holtby!


One Response to Opening night of round 2!

  1. Josie says:

    Backstrom will stop playing badly soon, I see it in him and there have been moments in each game where he proves why he is a. your favorite player and b. a sexy swede…

    MATTYP should make an appearance ASAP and in my opinion never should have gone back to hershey…

    and holtby? no. Neuvy will do work, and if need be Varly will be put in (and i may get in trouble for saying this, but steal back the number one goalie position.) holtby will play is nuevy gets the sniffles again and varly breaks… oh wait that good actually happen…

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