My Sick Six! Plus a Bonus!

This is a new thing I’m going to do.  I get to expand blog!  I bartered with L and we both win!  Which means more posts! I will still be writing about some great stuff dealing with me and L.  I have a great post coming in the next day or two recapping our trip to Jamaica!!!

But today, I have six seven songs you shuld listen to in order to complete your life. Yes your life.  Your life was incomplete before you heard these songs.  Now you are completely awesome.  Enjoy your awesome day, awesome one!

Gossip Pop goes the World – Whoa…don’t even know who this is…but this song has me jammin…like a pop, girl version of Cee-Lo!…maybe not.

Day 26Co star – One of the many groups who’s careers were murdered viciously by P Diddy.  Could have been the next New Edition or 112 or Jagged Edge…but then Que thought he was Bobby Brown and started getting an attitude and Diddy ruined the whole group…idiot

OutkastSpottieOttieDopaliscious  –  I think I skipped school to buy this album.  This is the first time I heard an Atlanta accent spoken.  Couldn’t believe it.  I was hooked.  I couldn’t stop listening.  I remember riding around in my cousins car pumpin this at full volume!  Couldn’t have been happier.  Now I found my own SpottieOttieDopaliscious girl 🙂

The ScriptLive Like We’re Dying – They’re Irish! – Kris Allen covered their song, or they gaveit to him for his first single.  Either way,  the original is greater!

Kris AllenHeartless – So good that he put it on his album.  There are multiple versions of this.  Listen to them all as they are all very different and all very good! The cover thief covers Kanye’s song Heartless.  One of the best covers I’ve ever heard actually.

Jenny LaneSay say say – Everyone I show this video to or play this song for, hates it.  Including L.  I like it for some reason!  so…I’m saying you should listen to it!  But she has a very good voice!

Mint ConditionWhat kind of man would I be – I remember almost murdering me one day because I was singing this and drumming in my room to this at full volume with my headphones on.  Needless to say, I was angry that interrupted the song!

Please post comments!  I love em!


3 Responses to My Sick Six! Plus a Bonus!

  1. paisleyhouse says:

    Man I thought that Gossip track might be a cover of, well, Pop goes the World ( …wow holy crap that video is a lot scarier than I remember.

    Anyway. RAD!

    • theoutregirl says:

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one (thinking about the OTHER “Pop Goes the World”), we’re definitely children of the 80’s.

      • G says:

        Haha didn’t even know there was another song! I need to epand my musical knowledge of the 80s. I thought MJ and Prince were the only artists in the 80s!

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