Kyle Wilson is my favorite Blue Jacket

Yesterday we took a party boat to the Dunn’s River Falls and then climbed the falls. All 950 feet of them!  Crazy. We also got a DVD of it as well. It was crazy fun. L loved it!

When we got on the boat they were serving rum punches and rum and cokes….they were etremely strong.  Too strong for some people in fact! Definitely not too strong for a couple high school girls on the boat making a complete fool of themselves. One girl was probably 18 and two days old and man she was off the hook!  Running around the boat like a madman. Starting chants on the boat. Just pure foolishness!  She sparked a convo with me and L about whether we would let our daughter drink at 18.

We both said yah if they were with us and not with their friends. ….then we say the girl get outrageous and we quickly changed our minds. But no real decision could be made until we saw the kid and how responsible they were.

Then on the way back from the boat cruise me and L were talking to the couple behind us. One girl played field hockey in college and the guy played hockey…..for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Awesome…then he asked which of the Caps goalies we liked the best, and we all agreed Holtby is the future! Then he said that they used to have a joke in practice that Neuvy would never leave the crease to play the puck so they’d chip it in to try to get him to play it.  Really nice couple. Then as we were getting off, I ask his name. 

Kyle Wilson. As in longtime Hershey Bears and Caps prospect Kyle Wilson.  I am now a casual Columbus Blue Jackets fan!


One Response to Kyle Wilson is my favorite Blue Jacket

  1. photoswithsoul says:

    Garrett, sounds like you and Leigh are having a blast! I’m so glad you guys are having so much fun!!! Your wedding photographs are looking great too – can’t wait to finish them so you can see them!

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