No problems, only situations

10:29am – Monday, April 18.


I honestly can’t believe how beautiful it is here. We just walked the resort and it is amazing. Its a couples/adults only resort so there are no little kids running around which is wonderful. I was hoping there would be a stocked bar in the room, but there isn’t one. Sadface. Oh well, one of the 5 bars will have to suffice!

Tennis courts are cool and lessons are at 8 in the morning.  we got breakfast this morning which was really good!  We are now going down to the pool and possibly over to the ocean. There are already a few things I definitely want to do.  Jet sky, kayaking maybe, tennis, golf, relaxing.  All of them sound great.

For the most part, the people are great too.  Its funny though, the inflection in the Jamaicans voice is different than Americans. So it makes them sound kinda angry when they speak to you.  Or annoyed, but its just their dialect I suppose. They have joke a lot though which is cool.

Ok off to the pool! Will update later!

6:49 PM

Later is here!  We don’t have anything to do today so we are doing nothing. L is watching some show called Dharma & Greg? Whatever. I am feeling like the king of Zamunda right now!

I just took a bath for the first time in like 15 years! Maybe longer!  And it was in a whirlpool! I am a new man! Tonight we will probably do sometthing like…eat at a restaurant.  Then again, possibly not.

We forgot our camera and we r a little bitterr about that but we may go buy one.  Of course its like 20 bu for one at the thief shop…I mean gift shop. Sorry.

I’m off to read my book from the balcony of my hotel room…please ecuse me while I relax.



One Response to No problems, only situations

  1. Trey says:

    Glad to hear y’all are doing just fine! And having been around West Indians since college (many years ago now), that’s just the way they speak. It’s direct, not to be taken personally…unless it’s to be taken personally!! 🙂 with them, they’re a passionate people by nature and you will certainly know when and if you step across any boundaries. Come to think about it…sounds like I’m describing wives! Y’all have a ball! Jamaica always feels like home to me.

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