No more Prozac for you mon!

10:00 am – Wednesday

Apparently Jamaicans call Rum, Prozac down here.  I was apparently way too into water volleyball yesterday and the Jamaican girl keeping score told me “No more Prozac for you Mon!” After some funny looks she finally eplained that Prozac is Rum.  Pretty hilarious!

Last night was cool. The resort had a little beach party type thing. Played some games and did some dancing. I watched from afar!  Until they asked where everyone was from. That’s when the loud kid (me) yelled out, “DC”.  It was fun I suppose.

We have also met about 5 couples from around the country. A couple of Wisconsoners (Oh yah!) And a couple from Philly/Boston. A couple from St. Louis and Kansis City and a couple from South Carolina.

Everyone has been really nice thus far and I am having a ton of fun. Me and Leigh have yet to have dinner alone yet so we may try to do that soon but I think we are going to have sushi one night soon with the Philly couple. They are really nice and similar to us.

This whole traveling thing is pretty cool!  I mean, I always thought that after getting married, Id want to have kids right away, but now I am kinda thinking that traveling could be fun!  We are on our way in about an hour to go see the Dunn’s River Falls. We are going to take a party boat which is pretty cool so we have heard. It is college spring break for some schools so I am sure there will be some serious debauchery on the boat. That kinda annoys and excites me all at the same time.

Well, I better try to eat something soon!  🙂


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