Too little, too late?

Did you screw up Valentine’s day??

Well somebody did, cuz they got to my site by Googling, “How not to screw up Valentine’s Day” . . . On the day after Valentine’s Day! Another guy visited by Googling ” how to make up for screwing up valentines day“.

My heart goes out to these poor fellas. They probably have  sore backs, no tissues or toilet paper in the house (because they’ve been used to soak up all of his wifes tears), and they probably won’t get get a square meal for at least a month.

Well if you really screwed things up, here are a few of my previous go tos that can sometimes help relieve the swelling after the blow (I’m perfect so I no longer need these):

Jewelery – I know we all were hoping this would not be on the list, but it is.  Good news is, women have accepted and actually encourage this as a makeup gift. Its a story piece they can tell their friends about, and its guaranteed to be something, nice expensive, and what they want. Guys, please don’t get her an emerald and say its her birthstone if she were born in August. Do your research this time.

Pampering session – Normally you could get away with sending her to the spa.  If you missed Valentine’s Day, sending her somewhere else for someone to do your job, is strike 2 and possibly a permanent strike.  Get some oils (not olive or vegetable please), and a Luther Vandross CD ( or Tape/record if you’re old school) and some candles.  Buy some cheap old roses and spread them around (in easy to clean places) and watch the waterworks flow.  DVR the game and tend to her every need for a few hours. You will have to apologize to make this one work, but it could be a cheaper alternative to a great night for both!

Makeup Dinner – This is going to cost you.  You will lose a weekend night, at least 150 dollars on food and champagne/wine/valet and you will have to listen to her talk about whatever she wants for 4 hours. This dinner has to be at a high class spot, and you must insist that she dress up.  Make it feel like a date from your distant past where you picked her up, and wore your Sunday best. Trust me, getting your bed back will make it well worth the trouble.  Just ask your aching back.

First date redo – Remember your first date? Was it fun?  If so, redo it.  Get reservations at the same restaurant and request the same table or section you had on your 1st. Did you go hiking? Replay that if its a nice day or weekend. Did you get in a car accident and shatter your dates nose? Then redo it with one of my fabulous first date ideas! Did you forget your wallet and she had to pay for dinner ( Mr. L! 🙂 ) maybe you could relive that moment too, al though it may not be as entertaining this time around. (Great way to guarantee a second date though! Genius!)


Sacrifice – You’re going to have to go drastic.  You’re going to have to take her somewhere she has been wanting to go, do something she’s been wanting to do, or buy something you can’t afford.  Like with most of the other suggestions, this requires that you have been paying attention at some point int he past.  I’m talking Trip out of country, tickets to see a play/musical, or a small shopping spree.

You now see, a little preparation goes a long way.  Always pay attention if only for a little bit. you never know when you’ll need it.


2 Responses to Too little, too late?

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  2. fizzgig says:

    i thought how lucky people are who do screw up cus they can get a ton of stuff 75% off the next day!

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