I’ve got jobs!

Yes!  The duty train has finally stopped at my destination! L has given me a few nonscrewuppable  (look it up) tasks for me to complete for the wedding.

I must say, they are pretty big deals too! I got a few things for the guests, a few things for us, and of course the music.

I am very happy to take on these things only because I know it’ll relieve some of her stress and I am ALL about that! (Its in my contract to say that). 

She has been pretty stressed lately but I’m proud of all of the many hats she has been wearing lately, which is far more than anyone realizes!! It actually inspires me to take on more responsibility and help out my star teammate.

I did dishes yesterday! Er…more like ‘dish’. I finished laundry and folded it! Yes I did! All by byself! I even got the mail! Well…I do that everyday but….yeah. its hard for me to help out because my work day is nearly 12 hrs with travel time, but I try!

Either way I am well on my way to becoming the supporting role player/husband. Let’s be real, husbands may get the glory, but the wives do all the work. I just hope I can get a few assists here and there throughout my playing career! Maybe even get a few double-doubles!


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