Just a little valentines day reminder…

If I ever forget. This is why I love you.

When I wake up, no matter what’s bothering me or what’s on my mind, when I kiss you goodbye in the morning my mind is completely freed.

When I lay down at night and think about all I wish I had, and I know I want and all that is missing, I feel you lock fingers with me and I know that I have all that I will ever need.

My smile doesn’t exist unless it has your eyes to see it. My arms wrapping around your neck protect like no lockette or charm ever could.

My heart doesn’t beat unless your touch sets it in rhythm. My stomach boils with pride at the simple way you pick your lips and nervously look into my eyes.

This isn’t a phase or a fad or a spur of the moment love.  This is everything I am and everything I want to be.

Valentine’s Day in 2009 set in motion the reel of my own lifelong happiness. My hollywood perfect picture delivered with no retreat.

Everyday with you is a day full of sunshine. A ray of delivered delight for all to jealously admire.

Perfect from tip to top and remniscent of the last raindrop. You’ve brought joy to my life like I’ve never dreamed possible.

I want for nothing because in you, baby I’ve got everything!

Our crashing lives have created something so beautiful and rare in nature. Just think, this is simple the beginning.  Our rose has its bud but the best it yet to come.

I love you so much boo.

Now let’s make sushi!!!


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