How to NOT screw up valentines day

I am good at a lot of things. Screwing up important days is TOP of the list. Lately though I have realized all of the things I have done wrong and compiled them into a list of things to avoid doing or better yet, things to focus on getting done!

The first thing I have to tell you to do is to please pay attention. Its free! Don’t just pay attention to her presence, but to what she is saying, doing, thinking, reading, sighing to…everything! These are all valuable clues in the game of love (oooooh!).

Next is to get or do something for her. I don’t care what she says about the holiday, let her be mad at you because you let her know that you love her a little bit. Yeah “it’s too commercial” but so is that stupid Coach purse and all of the jewelery shops you make me stop in on the way out of the mall.

If you are making reservations at a restaurant, please make them early!   I know for a fact that it will NOT be a good excuse to say that they were all booked.  That just means you were lazy and unprepared.  (I need to make my reservations still…uh oh)

If she says she doesn’t need anything or want anything, that doesn’t mean that she can’t appreciate anything! Maybe she doesn’t want flowers, but maybe she wants a pack of her favorite gummy bears! (awesome)

Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most. We literally have empty picture frames in our house because of their sentimental value. If we could trade “sentimental” at nasdaq it would be worth a fortune.

STORY TIME: One time on the way to an old girlfriends house on Valentines Day adopted and bought crayons, construction paper and glue. I made the most makeshift card of all time. Threw some pink hearts and a few XOs in there and let it ride….waterworks. She was crying for hours like I had slaved over that thing for days. Just imagine if I had actually tried!

If you take her to dinner, go with an open mind and an open wallet…It’s OK to bring a coupon, that is actually smart. Just don’t deny her anything she wants at the restaurant.

Don’t say anything negative for one night. Shut your fat mouth for once. just let her be perfect for a day. Let the bills linger and the workday be over and politics be dismissed. Just be nice (it’s a terrible thought I know).

Touch her, whoa whoa!  Don’t be a creep but do a little extra touching. The affectionate kind, not the chimpanzee in a banana tree kind of touching. Hugs, hand holding (yuk, I know), kissing, comforting…you know. Touch her how you hate to touch her, not how you want yo touch her.

Look at her. Even I notice a lot of times when L talks, I don’t really look at her. I know what she looks like so I just kind of look elsewhere. For this one day, try to pay attention to her for once. Watch her eyes and lips….but don’t be a creep.

Lastly, this m may be hard to do, but whatever you do, don’t be yourself. Be the guy you used to be for one night. The romantic funny best friend most interested man she has ever been with.  Not the lazy, overworked, tired, beaten down and tore up man you feel like everyday when you wake up. Leave that wet blanket at home!

In reality, she could be anywhere in the works but she is here with you.


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