Mad at myself


I had to hilarious posts ready for primetime on the blog but I forgot to post them so now they are irrelevant because they had to do with stuff that happened over the weekend.  Unreal!

As my dad used to say, “get your act together son!” I am wasting perfect laughter on my own selfishness. Actually I am just beating myself up now.

Well let me say this…while I am on the topic of self loathing, I think I lost my debit card. Not good at all. I hate it when I do that…yes out happens fast too often. This time I didn’t cancel it before I even looked for it though.

Let me know if you find it…thanks…

UPDATE:  L found it.  in my ( you guessed it ) pants pocket.  Yet another reason to get married!


One Response to Mad at myself

  1. fizzgigabyte says:

    well at least when you are married and its lost, itll likely be safe with the wifeypoo!

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