Wedding show > football???

If you follow my life then you know that I am a huge football fan. To the point where I demanded that our wedding be scheduled during the spring or summer. Well Sunday 2 of the last of three games were played. Big, no… huge games. Starting at 3 pm.

Saturday, L asks me if we can go to a wedding show on sunday….football sunday…at noon. Now some would say that is plenty of time…I say that is cutting it pretty close. Maybe too close.

But of course I still agree to serve my fiance-ly duties and attend the show. Let me tell you…exciting stuff!

We get to the hotel where it is being held and the parking garage is packed and they are demanding that I pay seven dollars to park. Robbery!

We get there early so we can hopefully leave early. We follow the small gaggle of excited women who are all dragging their reluctant beloveds  behind them. Then a lady asks us if we are the bride and groom. L says yes and grabs some card or something, and a pencil and puts on a sticker. I just stand there…..then I remember, oh! I am the groom (oops).

So we proceed through the maze of people and stop about 200 people deep into this line. And wait. Ugh. All I can think about is how long this line is and how we are never going to be done here and how a cold energy drink would make this all better…but … I don’t have one.

Much to my surprise the line moves pretty quickly! I forgot the other awesome part of being a bride. Bridesmaids! Most other women had like 5 girls with them not getting married so it made it move through quicker!

Then I made a comment I probably shouldn’t have made. I said, “Maybe you should have brought your friends along.

Cold, deathly,  silence.

At that moment everyone disappeared. It was just me and my comment….dancing in this blizzard of a convention hall. Thinks fast fool…think!

I’m going to go to the ATM ago we can buy raffle tickets.

I ran to the atm…girls like money so give her money…that was my solution. Not a very good long term solution…but a solution to sst the least.

When I got back and threw a 20 dollar bill at her, things started to warm up again.

We get in and eat some banana cake. It was amazing. I love banana anything…especially banana pudding, and L knows this. Then we walk around this bride fest for a while and luckily we have no need for a lot of the booths. Like photography because our photographer is the amazing and talented Irene Abdou (, and Other booths were for dj guys (check), cake people (check), part favors (check), and honeymoon destinations and packages…now we are talking!

We put our raffle tickets in the boxes for those drawings and I am pretty sure we will not win. I don’t win anything unless I have some affect on how much effort goes into it…like sports.  I don’t think L realizes this yet, but we wasted our time filing out those raffle cards.

That remind me..we had an argument about that while e were there! She writes really fast and in big bubble letters. Therefore her Ps look like Ds. Not good when you are entering to win stuff and the vendor can’t read it. Of course I open my big mouth and point this out to her and I get shoved into the bull pit of filling out cards for the rest of the time. Strike 2!

We continue walking and passing buy booth a after booth of stuff we don’t need! Yes!

Finally we come to to the end. I look st my watch….12:30!  We were only there for 30 minutes! I almost sprinted out of that bridezilla fest I was so happy!

Later, L was sending emails to some of her clients that won a prize for her business and I heard music to my ears.

L: “Can you read this email address for me? Is that an l our an I?
G: “I have no idea baby, she should have written more legibly.




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