50/50? no chance….

So when this whole engagement thing started out, I wanted to be involved. I wanted to help out and make decisions and provide my expertise.

A mere two questions later, I found out that my “expertise” was not helpful at all.

L: What do you want the colors to be?
G: Uhh…what r my choices?
L: Persimmon, coral, fuscia….
G: Uhhh……perwho?
L: Persimmon…
G: Umm….yeah, u decide.

L: When should we have it?
G: Definitely not during football season, or the middle of the summer.  Sweaty grooms are not sexy.  and please not during march madness!
L: Are you serious?

…Yes I was.  When guys plan events, we have two times to worry about.

1) The time it (the actual event, not pregame/credits/anthems,precessional) starts, and
2) the time you want everyone to go home.

The latter is the most important of the two. When women plan events, they plan the time you have to walk in, hang your coat, “mingle“, have cock tails, bathroom breaks, sit down time, snack time, stand up time, dance time, game time, laughing time….it’s exhaustive and unneccessary to say the least.

Soon into this planning ordeal opportunity (N) I realized that I was not going to be much help. My brain just can’t decide if my body wants to dance before dinner but after salads, or after dinner but before the cake.

I went from wanting to be involved in the planning process on about 50% of the decisions, to about mm…20%.  It may sound selfish but trust me, It’s for the better!

I think when she started asking about the color of the flowers is when I realized I was out of my element. My crayon box as a kid was an 8 pack. I was strong with that 8 pack too! L obviously had a 248 deluxe color blast fusion set (with the crayon sharpener on the back of the box!).  I am still trying to figure out how to mix together my primary colors to make “fuscia” and “coral” or “fireworks“…how is fireworks even a color?? All the fireworks I’ve ever seen were different colors!

I think that is why this blog has gone from awesome and informative, to a how-to book on treading water in a womans world.

Right now I have so much water in my lungs, I don’t know how I will make it back to shore.

Maybe I should change this blog to “Life Ring of Yes”.


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