I have been around the block a few times when it comes to the luxurious life. I mean I know what lacrosse is. I went to a horse race once (R.I.P. Preakness infield). I played golf one time. But…there are some things I just have not experienced yet.

Me and L, went to brunch with Trey and Gwen (aka best man/brother and princess superstar) at the rehearsel dinner spot. on the way there we were told that the place was valet only. No problem…it can’t be that difficult (open mouth insert foot).

I pull up to the front and wait for the valet dude to come out. He finally does and I am ready! I already have the twenty dollar bill out and folded strategically. I am prepared to ask for ten bucks in change so that he gets 2 bucks in tip. I detached my key already and was prepped to give it to him.  I was ready to show that I’ve done this before…..

I step out of the car and slap the 20 in the guys hand…he looks at me crazily and then hands me the yellow ticket.  I ask him for change then I see L walk in and say “no“.  uh oh. It hits me. I am not supposed to party him until I pick up the car! I fumbe myself out the awkward exhange of money somehow and listen to the questions of “Haven’t you used valet before??NO. No L, never!

Embarrassed, I take my money back and head inside as L laughs at the fact that I just almost donated 10 bucks to this stranger.

So we eat lunch with the family and talk about some very awesome topics (I love the way they work, think, formulate and execute their plan!) Later, I start thinking…did I?…no way….I reach into my pocket and there is my car key.  Detached from all of the other keys. Right next to the 20 dollar bill that I didn’t give the valet.  Downstairs?  My car still sitting where I last left it….

…I still have so much to learn…


2 Responses to Valet

  1. Gwen (Sister) says:

    ROFL! Don’t beat yourself up too much, at least you know a Princess Superstar when you see one!

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