Last week we went to our food tasting.  Amazing!

I was holding out on you guys.  I didn’t get to tell you about it at all, but OMG.  If you are coming to my wedding in April, you are in for a treat!!  I am from Maryland, so when they said they were bringing us crab cakes to try, I was skeptical to say the least.  This Virginia hotel doesn’t know how to do Maryland sized crab cakes.  They’re probably all small and bready and ….HOLY MEAT PATTY!

These crab cakes came out and I swear they barely had room to fit the other veggies on the plate.  I can’t remember what came with the crab cakes, but it doesn’ t matter.  I must say that I am used to lump crab meat, and these were shredded pulled meat which is fine with me.  But this was probably the best shredded pulled meat I’ve ever had.

We also had 4 glasses of wine.  I don’t like wine, but this day I was in the mood for a good ol’ fashion wine tasting 🙂  Again, you guys are in for a treat!! We had something called Shard’nay?  Pee-no Greegio? Maybe someting called a Murlow? aaaaannnnnd….a Carborator…no it was a Cabernay!  🙂


I don’t really remember anything else from the tasting.  OH! the steak was delicious and so was the chicken!  I don’t think anything had bacon in it which is fairly disappointing but the other items will definitely help me forget about it.

So, we had a small discussion about the food options that will be served and I picked everything that I ate.  Everything was delicious.  I mean…it was professionally cooked food.  Of course it was delicous right?  L (and her notepad) disagreed.  She had notes and opinions on everything.  And she let them be known.

In the end, we picked good foods!  and good drinks as well!  🙂  I even found out that I get a special salad and drink or something like that!

I just realized that I would like to request an endless supply of Monster energy drinks.  Maybe a little cup of gummy bears as well!   I would love to have a neverending cup of gummy bears and energy drink.  AMAZING!

Did you hear that Key Bridge Marriot?  Gummy bears and Monster energy drink!


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