What it is really all about

This Christmas was very bitter sweet.  I feel as if L and I were so caught up in wedding stuff and her birthday that we didn’t have the time to plan or spend as much a we would have liked. Now we are paying for it (literally).

I have written many times about budgeting and finances because it is important. Whether you live paycheck to paycheck or spoiled and luxurious, if you don’t take care of your self financially then you will be stressed.

Anyways that isn’t what this post is about at all. Its about me getting gifts for Christmas.

Its just so crazy how my family and future family (my in-laws I mean. Not the Jetsons) listen so well and can pick out gifts that have so much meaning in them.

It isn’t about anything else but that.

–  Not about the fact that I can now blow my neighbors away with my very own 9 am version of the storming of Normandy thanks to the awesome sound system we got to go with our new TV.

– it’s not about the fact that I can turn heads of jealous ladies with my new sweet smelling perfume cologne. (my mom got the bags mixed up initially)

– it’s not about the fact that my brother and sister got me two new jackets because they know I have an addiction that L is trying hard to break (personally I think my Polo distressed jean jacket that I got at a 180 dollar markdown is fabulous. L disagrees.)

– it’s not about the “Goodnight Moon” children’s book I got that nearly sent me to tears.

– Its not about the delicious traditional box of mike and ikes and gummy bears.

Its not about any of that.  Its about the thank you hugs and the merry christmas kisses and the time spent away from stress and closer to home.  That’s what it was about for me…

But I will enjoy those other things too!


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