Opposite of a hater

There is this thing that’s popular with our culture today. It’s the word “Hater

I hate it.  (I guess that’s fitting right?)

For some reason, whenever our young generations experience some form of resistence from others.  Or some form of challenge, they claim others to be “Haters“.  Why so weak?  Whatever happened to people just expecting there to be some form of opposition or resistance to things that are advantageous in this world.  Nothing ever worthwhile used to come easy right?  Think about our parents and what they had to go through to get to where they are today.  We never would have made it.  We all would have been overwhelmed with these mystical “haters“.

Well, if there are “haters” where are the … opposite of haters?  For every cliche there should be a countercliche right?  We can’t just simply call them “lovers“, that’s not as catchy and definitely not as accepted.  Nobody wants to be a “lover“.  I mean,  we want to be good lovers. But not just lovers.  So we need a new term and definition.

With L, she is stepping out of her comfort zone with some things and I am (ultra mega totally) proud of her.  I support her.  I try very hard to make sure she knows that I support her.  She will have some challenges from me, but I want to make sure she can handle the “haters”  or whatever.  I have always been a devil’s advocate when it comes to situations and arguments, but at the same time I am also the biggest fan of hard work, perseverance, and willpower.

So I hereby declare myself to be the opposite of a hater.  I’m a … Congratulater.

I am a “Later


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