What is wrong with me?

First off. Happy new year, merry Christmas (not xmas by the way. Its not malcolm Xs birthday), and happy Chanukah, and every other holiday. More about that later, but first. A question:

What is wrong with me?

My brother sister and fiancee all have businesses they have established or are working to establish. I have nothing so far. Nothing at all but a regular ol (stressful) job. So I decided to put some effort into creating something of my own. I don’t want to release my idea yet but I don’t expect it to be very lucrative.

It is really just something that I have dreamt up and designed and thought about and lived, for over 10 years. Maybe even since I was a kid and saw my dad do it.

So I told L my idea (in sales pitch form) and hoped that she would see my excitement. I talked excitedly about it for about 5 minutes like a yard cat in heat. Maybe a little longer. Then she looks up at me, and so politely says,

“Good, just get your explanation a little shorter”

How does she do that? ? !

If L tells a story that has more than one extra unnecessary fact our detail, I tune out. If she throws in one name I don’t recognize, she loses me. One story that doesn’t end with an unbelievable bang or OMG inducing finale,  I get angry.   If the story drags on for too long, I interrupt her and tell her to”hustle this thing along”,  which I want to say is the WORST thing you could ever do.

How do women sit through a boring terrible story and not go completely berserk in the middle!

And more importantly, what’s wrong with me that I can’t!


One Response to What is wrong with me?

  1. Gwen (Sister) says:

    Congrats on new venture! Lucrative doesn’t necessarily equal happy. I think I make enough to cover our fast food spening money, but I LOVE what I am doing! Also, I am not sure about all women, but I think we tune out sometimes too (but better at acting like we didn’t)

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