I finally get my way!

It’s Christmas Day!!!  Merry Christmas to all! and to all a Merry Christmas.

When I was a kid I used to try to go to bed early on Christmas Eve so that Christmas day would come quicker!  Time always seemed to pass by so slowly on this particular day!  I didn’t know why!  I later realized that when you were are excited about something happening, it tends to come slower than when you aren’t so excited for things….it tends to be here before you know it.

Well needless to say, the trying to force myself to sleep thing didn’t work very well at all.  In fact it doesn’t work well now that I’m a grownup either!  I knew that my parents would not let me open my presents until the next morning.  But I knew my dad was sometimes as excited to give the gifts to us as I was to receive them!  So with that information I used it to my advantage.  I’d wake up as SOON as I saw the lights were out downstairs.

I remember my mom would cook until the wee hours of the morning and my dad would stay up really late as well.  I’m sure this was strategy!  Then sometime around 4 in the morning, I’d wake up, creep down stairs and peek around the corner to see a living room FULL of gifts and hours of fun!  I’d run back up and shake my snoring dad up and go “Santa came! Santa came!”  then my mom would go “it’s too early!  not yet

So I’d run back to bed and lay awake for an hour and go peak outside waiting for a glimmer of sunlight, and also peak downstairs to try to figure out what gifts I had received!  Eventually, my dad would convince my mom that we should get up and get the day started!  Somewhere around 5 or 6am (Maybe 4:30am if I were lucky).

Well…I would like to say that I have found someone who is as excited to give gifts as I now am!  Me and L opened our gifts at the crack of midnight last night!!  I got Washington Capitals jersey that I dreamed of 2 years ago!! (There’s a player named Nicklaus Backstrom and I got a jersey that says Blackstrom on the back.  Get it?  Clever right?)  L got the jacket that we originally went to NYC to find and were unsuccessful.  This again proves that I am a shopping genius!

I just want to say Merry Christmas to you all and spend it with your family and loved ones if you can, and if not, make sure to cherish the time with your self and love yourself!  Ok.


One Response to I finally get my way!

  1. mom says:

    I am laughing because this is such a true account of the EXCITEMENT and joy you had for Christmas and opening presents … Merry Christmas to you and Leigh … mom

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