What’s so funny?

I asked L today, “What makes you laugh?”   I asked, because I honestly have NO clue.  Sometimes she laughs at something stupid I say, but most of the time when I tell her a story she just looks at me.  She doesn’t smile….nothing.  Something I think is hilarious gets little to no reaction from her.  UNLESS it involves me injuring myself, or if I fumble over my worlds while telling the (suddenly unfunny) story.

I think this is common with women.  We can sit down and watch stand up comedy and I’m literally laughing so hard that I have stand up in order to keep myself from peeing down my leg, while she may giggle once or twice.  Then we go and she will tell the world that the same comedian she just giggled over is “HILARIOUS!”   WHAT you barely giggled at him yesterday!!

So when I asked her what she thought was funny, she got defensive, and I felt like a mean guy.  THEN!  she brought up a comedian we were watching the other day that said something along the lines of  “you reach that point where its just not ok to take baths with your kids” or something.  I vaguely remember it, but I clearly remember me laughing at the comment and pointing it out to her as being funny.  Then she asks the question that no man can safely answer…

What’s so funny about taking baths with your kids?

…nothing baby.  Nothing at all.



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