…Spree shopping

So we get there at the city of dreams and realize I am in penn station. THE penn station.  Not newarks penn station, but the one named after that actor dude Sean Penn. (great actor BTW)

And we walk by Madison Square Garden (where my Caps just got spanked by the Rangers 7 – 0) and I briefly remember reading about it in my sport history books.  How it has expanded from a hole in the wall to the most famous venue in the nation.  I turn to L and drop a little history of my own, “Jay-Z sold this place out.” She looks away and says something about Macy’s.  Different strokes for different folks.

So we decide to go into Macy’s because I need gloves, a hat and a scarf….Quick! It is butt cold outside and windy on top of that. So we pop in and realize we just walked into a vertical Times Square. People are everywhere!! We end up buying a ton of stuff like boots, hat, shirts, jackets, gloves. But the kicker is, we find out that we have to pay for the shoes in the shoe department (idiotic rule).

We pay there and then the lady says “you have to take these three items to a clothing department to take the sensor off”.  You’ve got to be kidding me!  So we stand in line for the stupid sensor to be taken off….for 10 minutes.  Some lady decides that she wants to buy 15 items and return 10 more and pick up 3 others that she ordered on the internet or something dramatic.  So then the lady gets to us and we say, “We already paid for these items and we just need the senors taken off please.”  then she looks at our receipt and takes the sensor off after confirming we actually paid for it.

Then we hand her the second item and she starts giving us attitude.  “Where did you buy this that they didn’t take the sensor off?”  “Upstairs int he shoe department,” we said.  What does it matter?! just take the sensor off!  I hate when people complain about having to do their job to their customers.  I don’t care about you having to help me!  If  I could do it myself, trust me, do you think I’d be asking you to do it?!

Then she looks at my hat and says “I don’t have the machine to take that sensor off.” So I have to go downstairs to the most crowded of the 8 floors (all of which we shopped on by the way) in order to take off the last round sensor.  FINALLY!  We make our way downstairs where they finally take the sensor off.  I immediately wrapped any exposed skin in my new cloth.

I believe that was the only thing I bought the whole weekend!  L bought everything NYC had on sale 🙂


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