“Ugh, I’ve been so busy!

Ever wonder what people are so busy doing when they give the excuse of being “so busy“?  I will tell you.

They are busy being selfish. Sometimes its a good thing.  We all need some me-time.  In fact medicalists say its a major part of maintaining good mental health.  I just made that up obviously…hence the term medicalist.

But in reality, I have been really busy and I am going to use that as my excuse for not posting as much as I would have liked.  Another thing is that I had a birthday to spoil my lady over, two finals to finish, a wall to paint, some sleep to get, some money to spend, some food to eat.  Obviously I didn’t have much at all to waste my time on.  I was just busy being selfish. Well I am back (for now) and I have posts to post.

Enough holding back! I’m going to spit it all out….in my next post.  For now, I need a nap.


One Response to “Ugh, I’ve been so busy!

  1. fizzgigabyte says:

    i understand being too busy to blog. i dont understand…people that say they forgot to eat. what. ever. where can I catch that one?

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