Sacrifice your face!

Its been a week. With Thanksgiving Break, and final exams, I haven’t had much time to think about much else but those things. Me and L are still adventuring though. In fact, we bought our TV! Yup!  We bought a 42 inch plasma! We don’t have the HD box yet…or our DVR, but trust me….its in the mail!

On Saturday L got bored While I was doing homework and watching football (trust me it is possible to effectively do both! I did it all through college). So I walked myself into an awkward agreement.

Are you bored,” I asked.  She nodded.  I said, “why don’t you find something to do.”  Obviously I don’t understand boredom…there are a million things to do all the time in my eyes. Then as I was beginning to think that I am going to lose my remote control privileges, she says.

Can I give you a facial?

This is an easy question to answer alternative to me having to watch real housewives and food network for the rest of the night, but I needed to get some more information before I subjected myself to this punishment.

Do I have to move?
Nope!“.  I’d heard all I needed to hear.

L proceeded to run around the house like a 12 year old for the next 20 minutes. Yes I looked like a fool but I bought myself at least another hour of quality college football simply by accepting a facial.

Love is sacrifice.


One Response to Sacrifice your face!

  1. Chaas says:

    What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for potnisg!

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