What’s the Key (West) to happiness??

Well, we are rethinking the honeymoon plans. They may be revamped, we wanted to go costa rica, but my internal accountant threatened to quit and asked me I like salt and pepper sandwhiches because that’s what id be eating for months afterwards.

So the plans are being reevaluated. Hopefully we will plenty of chances to get away (I’m sure every newlywed says this, the they see two lines on the EPT and everything changes).  Yeah I’m not happy about it, but I am beginning to notice me and L both have ridiculously expensive tastes.

The good part? We taled about our finances the other day. And in particular, our financial futures! To put it honestly, its looking good. As long as my job keeps paying me 🙂 

So, our requirements have changed for our honeymoon destinnation.  I think we now may be looking at romantic cruises and warm weather destinations.   Anywhere I can where my bikini 🙂 just messing around!

Hmm….Key West is nice I hear! Maybe I can rent a BMW 7 series and drive around like I’m a baller (translation: someone who is high status and makes a lot of money without very much effort).


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