Put on a nice face

Yesterday I was riding the escalator up the metro stop on the right side and was trying to maneuver my way to the left so I could walk up it. (Everyone in DC knows, walkers on the left, standers on the right). So as I’m trying to time my entry right like escalator double-dutch, I hear a girl around my age (I guess she was technically a woman huh?) say “Go ahead”, as if she knew I wanted to get in.

I thought she was nice so I naturally say “thank you!” In my nicest voice. She said nothing back. Then I thought, maybe she wasn’t being nice at all!  Maybe she was annoyed, and wanted me to just get it over with already! Then I got annoyed at the possibility that I was annoyed! If she didn’t want to let me go, I was fine just standing for 5 seconds! No need to let me in if you’re going to get all in a huff about it!

Sorry, woosah!

But in all honesty there is a terrible trend forming in America, and it saddens me.  Maybe it is just the transient, “my life is more important than yours” DC metro area. Either way, people just aren’t polite anymore.  I ride the metro everyday and never see a smile unless kids are on the metro or someone reads a funny joke from a text message on their stupid phone (I do this all the time).

Whatever happened to the nice smile and hello? The across train half smile. The “want my seat ma’am” eye brow raise.

Gone, along with the area’s willingness to care.

I saw 2 girls the other day laying down and taking up two seats each when a man with a cane came on the train.  Now I knew they were in his seat because I’ve seen him a hundred times. He took one look at these girls, then turned towards me. I got up and asked if he wanted my seat.

“No,thank you” he said as he turned back towards the girls.  WAPP! “Move.”  He hit the bottom of their seat so hard the girl jumped up and relinquished her seat before she even opened her eyes. Not only was this hilarious, it showed me fed up this guy was with peoples inconsideration. This gentleman was always nice to me! Smiled a few times, made a few corny jokes.

Yesterday when I got on the train, the bottom of the same exact seat that old man cane hit was broken off and laying on the floor.  Looks like another ungrateful napping teen met the wappmaster again.

Maybe if they just learned to smile….


One Response to Put on a nice face

  1. fizzgig says:

    nothing sours my grapes more than smiling at people in the halls at work, or in public and they look you dead in the face with a blank stare.

    how hard is it to smile?

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