“Subtle” hints

Her birthday is coming up in 9 days.  As we all know, Christmas soon follows about a month later.  We have briefly talked about gifts for each other.  I know that we have a wedding upcoming and honeymoon to pay for but she deserves a little something right?  This is where I come in.

Luckily…she has tried to make it very easy for me.  Last week I opened my computer and on my profile, she has a website open.  Sorrythree websites open, all pointing to desired gifts.  Purses, boots, women stuff, you know the deal.  I don’t close them, hoping she will close them and assume I didn’t see them or something.  I don’t know it was a test of mine.

Then I open it up again…and she has more sites open.  Even more subtle  L!  Then I started thinking.  How am I possibly going to buy anything without her knowing.  She takes the car everyday to work, so I can’t hide it in the car.  She lives in the same 1-bedroom apartment.  where do I hide anything?!  I have to think like a criminal in order to find the hiding spaces and what not.

How do you guys hide stuff from your significant others?  I don’t know where to hide gifts at all.  I figure, I’m going to have to pay in cash, since we have the same bank account now and I don’t want it to show up on the bank account.  What is a man to do?!



3 Responses to “Subtle” hints

  1. Gwen (Sister) says:

    Hide it at My House! I promise I wil only use it/wear it a few times before I have to give it back! I can even wrap it for you!

  2. Trey says:

    Brother, here’s a few ideas:

    Always plan in advance, like you’re doing!

    Same day of birthday purchases helps. This way, knowing that she’s going to see the purchase amount anyway, she at least won’t see until the day of her bday or afterwards (depending upon how often she looks at the bank transactions).

    You can use a credit card. This way the charges come later and she won’t know what store or how much until then.

    Start saving earlier and pulling out smaller amounts of cash in anticipation of buying the gift when you’ve, in essence, accumulated enough lunch money.

    Build the excitement and the plan around taking her to purchase the gift.

    Have your brother and sister-in-law purchase the gift for you and you pay us (I mean them, he said in a loud voice, while coughing) with 10% delivery charge. Did I say that out loud?! 😉

    If she can, have the gift delivery sent to her job. That always secures you plenty of bonus points and street cred…especially for those “I messed up something awful” times.

  3. Tricia says:

    Hide gift suggestions? That’s crazy talk. I put up sticky notes around the house. A man can’t be reminded enough. Happy Birthday to L!

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