Great L quotes

It’s not fair that I be the only person that hears these things.  So I share with you, a few things L says that leaves me shaking my head.

About a situation she was put in:
It’s like a double-sided sword
Edged…double-edged sword baby…all  swords are double-sided

About a situation in her school district:
We go through principals like women go through tampons!
*shaking my head* “That’s a good one…just…so…awkward!


One Response to Great L quotes

  1. Trey says:

    This was funny!

    Oh…and I’ve worked with those single-sided swords before. While I find that my swing is faster, for some reason, I wasn’t able to cut through flesh as quickly as I needed to. Hence the upgrade to the double-sided…much more efficient.

    Regarding the principals comment…the visual is just disturbing. However, I give her a 10 on delivery and lyrical content. Not sure, with that line, that L-Cent (50 in Roman numerals…50 Cent…get it….that was a 100 or the “corn scale”) will get radio play though.

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